[PHOTOS] Shadowtrooper Visits KL And Tries To Blend In With Malaysians


Cover image via malaysia.my

Have you ever wondered how a Shadowtrooper would adapt to Malaysian culture?

Photographer Vincent Paul, obviously a huge fan of the franchise, probably wondered the same thing. So he plonked this kesian Dark Jedi trooper in the streets of KL and left him to fend for himself…

I don't normally fly Solo

Why are they staring?

Image via @vpyp

Would these bananas survive the trip back home?

My armour can resist lightsabers but it can't resist the smell of durians

Do you accept imperial credits?

Sorry it's not as fast as the Imperial Dropship

Today I learned how to 'tarik' tea

Lord Blackhole told me to take a picture

How's security doing here?

Image via tumblr.com

Maybe I should introduce this back home

I find your lack of fair pricing here disturbing

*Beep* R2-D2 is that you?

And now the face behind our talented Shadow Trooper..

Yup, she took us by surprise! :)

Hope you liked the gallery as much as we do!

Check out Vincent's Tumblr here to look at the complete Shadow Trooper photo series.

It's not too late to check these out before the Force Awakens:

This photographer brought Star Wars to his kampung

Malaysia is pretty Star Wars crazy, Royal Selangor made these figurines out of pewter!

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