Can't Get Enough Of Wi Ha Joon From 'Squid Game'? Catch Him In This Action-Packed Movie!

Adapted from a popular webtoon, 'Shark: The Beginning' is set to be an exciting movie that'll get your adrenaline pumping!

Cover image via @wi__wi__wi (Instagram) & HanCinema

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If you're one of the millions who watched hit Netflix K-drama Squid Game, then actor Wi Ha Joon probably caught your eye ;)

In Squid Game, he plays a police officer who sneaks into the game as a guard to find his missing brother. We won't spoil what happens to him and what secrets he uncovers jussstttt in case you haven't watched the drama yet, but suffice to say that he definitely stole viewer's hearts!

We don't know if the South Korean actor and model will be back for Season 2 of Squid Game, but thankfully, we have his other projects to tide us over while we wait.

Earlier this year, he starred in a movie titled Shark: The Beginning, which is an absolute must-watch for Wi Ha Joon fans!

From left to right: Jung Won Chang, Cha Woo Sol, Park Kyung Lim, and Wi Ha Joon at an event for 'Shark: The Beginning'.

Image via @wi__wi__wi (Instagram)

Adapted from a popular webcomic titled Shark, the Korean movie is set to be exciting, thrilling, and action-packed!

Watch the trailer below:

The movie revolves around teenager Cha Woo Sol, a victim of school violence. After an unexpected incident, he gets imprisoned in a boys' prison, where he meets Jeong Do Hyun, a former mixed martial arts champion.

Under Do Hyun's guidance, Woo Sol sheds his meekness, fights his inner fears, and starts breaking his limits one by one. Will he be able to get revenge on his bully?

Intrigued already? Here's a closer look at the main characters of Shark: The Beginning:

1. Cha Woo Sol, played by Kim Min Seok

Gentle and timid, Woo Sol spent his middle school days being relentlessly bullied by fellow schoolmate Bae Seok Chan. In high school, Woo Sol finally finds some relief, only to have his nightmare start all over again when Seok Chan transfers into the same school.

Unable to put up with the bullying anymore, Woo Sol ends up attacking Seok Chan with a pen, which is the incident that sends him to prison. Once he starts training with Do Hyun in prison, he overcomes his physical and mental limitations, transforming into a strong fighter.

2. Jung Do Hyun, played by Wi Ha Joon

After he avenges the death of his family, this former martial arts champion finds himself in prison. There, he crosses paths with Woo Sol, who wants to learn how to fight so that he can not only survive prison, but also in preparation for the day when he'll have to eventually meet his bully again.

Granting Woo Sol's request, Do Hyun takes the boy under his wing and puts him through painful, intensive training to awaken the shark within himself.

3. Bae Seok Chan, played by Jung Won Chang

A vicious bully, Seok Chan makes Woo Sol's school life a living nightmare. The injuries he sustains from the pen attack forces him to give up his boxing, thus setting him on a course for vengeance. Eagerly awaiting Woo Sol's release from jail, Seok Chan swears to make him pay for what he's done.

Can't wait to watch the movie? You can catch it on tonton CINEMA now!

Pssst, if you need some extra motivation, check out this short clip of Wi Ha Joon encouraging you to watch the movie, hehe! ;)

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So, what are you waiting for? Faster watch Shark: The Beginning on tonton CINEMA now!

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