Showtek's Show In KL Is Going To Be Pretty Epic For 11 Obvious Reasons

It's not gonna be your average party. Asahi presents The White Party, featuring Showtek in KL this 21 November!

Cover image via @showtek/Instagram

Before we begin with the list, let's put some sick tunes on to get you in a pumped-up mood!

1. The Dutch brothers were the ones who paired up with David Guetta for that 'Bad' song - yup, you know how catchy that song is

Just in case you need a memory boost:

2. They "don't make music for sissies"

3. You won't find yourself slipping into boredom because "Standing still is not an option when you go to our sets!"

4. They work hard, prep hard and dominated the 'hardstyle' music scene in Europe together (literally)

5. And they play hard. When they do, they "do not play it safe"!

6. They're not afraid to express themselves, so you know things will get crazy

7. David Guetta “fell off his chair” when he first heard 'Booyah' - imagine what they will do to you

8. It's not going to be a generic, run-of-the-mill show cause they don't conform or fake it!

9. Having played in large festivals and parties, you bet they know how to handle the crowd

10. Whatever style you like to party, you're covered. "Be it electro, dubstep, or hardstyle, it doesn't really matter, it'll be Showtek"

11. Also, what more reasons do you need other than the fact that they're mother-effin' Showtek! End of story.

Are y'all pumped up and ready to party with Showtek yet?

Image via Showtek/YouTube

Well, you better be because the Dutch duo are going to blow your mind sooner than you think. Asahi is igniting The White Party, featuring Showtek this 21 November 2015 in KL Live!

Image via Asahi

Win TWO free tickets to watch Showtek live in KL! Answer three really simple questions on Facebook and you might be on your way to a party you wouldn't wanna miss. Grab your tickets now.

Time to get those dance moves ready cause things WILL get crazy!

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