Speedy Video Is Running A Closing-Down Sale At Its Stores Nationwide

The popular video retailer, which has been operating since the 90s, is going out of business.

Cover image via Speedy Video

Speedy Video is closing all its retail outlets in Malaysia permanently

In a post uploaded on the popular video retailer's Facebook page last night, 13 June, it thanked the people for supporting them for over three decades and announced that the company is going out of business.

"Dear customers, our company are sadly (sic) to announce that we are going to close down all of our outlets soon," read the post, which has netizens reacting to it with sadness and shock.

Image via Speedy Video

It's currently carrying out "closing-down" sales at its stores nationwide

"All outlets currently are having closing-down sales. Please come and visit us to enjoy the last promotions."

Speedy Video did not specify a date for the closure but it did share the names of the stores that are still operating and the list of items that are on sale.

The company had been the go-to outlets for Malaysians for decades

New Straits Times reported that in its over 30 years of being in operation, established in 1989, Speedy Video gained popularity for its array of international movie, drama titles, and music albums.

Image via Speedy Video

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