Stephen Chow Unveils New 'Shaolin Women's Soccer' Film & Launches Global Hunt For Talent


Cover image via @stephenchow (Instagram) via The Storm Media & @stephenchow (Instagram)

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Rejoice! 22 years after Shaolin Soccer was released, we finally hear the news of an instalment to the iconic 2001 action comedy.

In celebration of his 61st birthday yesterday, 22 June, revered Hong Kong filmmaker Stephen Chow announced that he is working on a film titled Shaolin Women's Soccer

Chow made the announcement in an Instagram post that shows the cover of the first draft of the script.

While it is unclear whether the new film will be a sequel to the 2001 hit, Chow uses the opening theme of Shaolin Soccer in the 22-second video.

The new movie logo also bears a resemblance to the old film, featuring a silhouette of a person in a martial art pose.

In the caption of his post, Chow said he is launching a global talent hunt for the movie, welcoming young women who are beautiful, smart, and athletic from around the world to audition

"I am not afraid of having a lot (of applicants), but just afraid that you lack an attractive demeanour," he said.

"For those who fit the criteria, please send recent photos and details to [email protected].

"Photoshopping your photos will not succeed. Our team will not approve them. The United Nations will definitely not approve them as well!" he wrote in jest.

The announcement marks Chow's comeback to filmmaking after he directed his last film, The New King Of Comedy, in 2019

Shaolin Soccer (2001) was a hit at the box office, grossing about RM200 million worldwide at the time, reported South China Morning Post (SCMP).

The film was also critically acclaimed, winning various awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor at the 21st Hong Kong Film Awards in 2002.

Actresses who star Chow's films are often dubbed 'Sing girls'. Zhang Yuqi, who starred in Chow's 2008 film CJ7, rose to fame after the movie premiered.

Chow had also worked with various big stars, including Karen Mok, Gong Li, Maggie Cheung, and Cecilia Cheung, among others.

Speaking to Hong Kong's Oriental Daily, Chow's assistant Chris did not respond as to whether Cheung would make a return to the movie, reported The Star.

As we wait for more updates on this exciting sequel, check out this Shaolin Soccer parody video we made in 2020:

GO Noodle, a restaurant chain in Malaysia, got its name from a Stephen Chow's movie:

Shaolin Soccer star Ng Man Tat, who lived in Johor Bahru for 25 years, passed away on 27 February 2021:

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