Late Actor Ng Man Tat Lived In JB For 25 Years Before Returning To HK Ahead Of His Death

He was married to Malaysian Hou Shan Yan, who was once the second runner-up of a beauty pageant.

Cover image via YouTube & Sin Chew Daily

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Many of you must have known Hong Kong comedy superstar Richard Ng Man Tat, who sadly left us last Saturday, 27 February, due to cancer

Ng Man Tat and Stephen Chow.

Image via TY42

But did you know that the veteran actor called Malaysia his second home?

Ng Man Tat and his only son.

Image via Sin Chew Daily

While global media commemorated Ng's prolific career following his passing, Southeast Asian media shared the lesser-known fact that the comedian had actually spent more than a quarter of his life living in Johor.

In a report by 8world, a news and entertainment network under a Singaporean TV channel, it was revealed that Ng spent 25 years living in Johor Bahru with his Malaysian wife, Hou Shan Yan.

They were married in Segamat in 1996 when Ng was 45 years old. According to AsiaOne, the couple met in 1993 when he came to Singapore to film the movie All's Well, Ends Well Too.

At that time, Ng was married to Mak Lei Lei, whom he shared a pair of twin daughters with. But he courted Hou anyway. The Segamat-born lady was the second runner-up of a beauty pageant.

On the night of their marriage ceremony, the couple sent a bold message to the world by not showing up to their own wedding

The move sent a shockwave through Malaysia and beyond. According to Oriental Daily, Ng did that to avoid the media and the swarm of people at the ceremony.

It is said that the move was the idea of Hou's father, as he wanted to announce his daughter's Mrs Ng status as his way to fight for his daughter in the eyes of the media. The wedding proceeded with Hou's father hosting the traditional ceremony without the groom and bride.

It is understood that Ng was in the midst of divorcing his former wife Mak during this period. His disappearance at his own wedding cast public doubt on his marriage with Hou, because Ng had decided to cut ties with his long-time partner Mak after meeting Hou.

During his marriage to Mak, Ng also cohabited with former TVB actress Lo Siu Chi in 1989, and had a daughter.

Ng Man Tat and his family in Malaysia.

Image via Oriental Daily

Contrary to public perception, Ng shared a lasting marriage with Hou

They lived in Segamat most of the time. 8world quoted a relative of Hou as saying that the actor only left Malaysia when he had filming engagements overseas.

Together, they have a daughter and a son, aged 25 and 18 respectively.

The relative added that when the family found out about his cancer, they flew to China for treatment, though Hou returned to Malaysia during that period.

It is understood that before Ng succumbed to cancer, he expressed his wish to return to Hong Kong. His family fulfilled his wish.

Oriental Daily reported that Hou flew to Hong Kong prior to Ng's death. He passed away while being surrounded by Hou, his children, and some close friends.

Ng Man Tat (middle) with his wife Hou Shan Yan (right) and good friend Frankie Ng.

Image via Sin Chew Daily

Ng was born in Fujian, China before moving to Hong Kong with his parents and siblings at the age of five

According to New Straits Times, he took up acting classes at Hong Kong Television Broadcasts (TVB) when he was 22 years old.

A year later in 1974, he began his acting career. He rose to fame by playing the no-nonsense Inspector Yip in the popular drama series Police Cadet 1984 alongside Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Maggie Cheung.

As years went by, he began starring alongside Stephen Chow. The two quickly became an unbeatable duo in the comedy scene, and is still loved by millions around the world today.

In 2013, he starred in the Malaysian comedy film Kara King, directed by Namewee.

According to the IMDB database, the last movie Ng acted in was Rising Shaolin: The Protector, which premiered in China last month.

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