[VIDEO] Interesting Facts We Learned About The Cast Of Netflix's 'To All The Boys'

'To All The Boys: Always & Forever' is currently streaming on Netflix.

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We recently sat down with three of the amazing cast members of To All The Boys and learned a thing or two about them. Watch our interview with Lana Condor, Noah Centineo, and Ross Butler:

Lana Condor revealed the biggest difference between her and her character, Lara Jean

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Lana: "Okay, so people ask me, what is the biggest difference between you and Lara Jean? I should have been saying from the get-go, I can't bake."

She goes on to add that she can cook. Just not bake for a good reason.

Ross Butler has Malaysian roots and loves roti canai

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Ross Butler: "So there's two. My mom makes Penang curry because she's from Penang and she taught me a recipe and that's great and all. But roti canai is my favourite."

Fun fact - Ross' mum is a Malaysian so he has Malaysian roots. However, he was born in Singapore before moving to the US.

Noah Centineo is all kinds of sentimental in wrapping up his role as Peter Kavinsky after three and a half years

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Noah Centineo: "I'm sad to say goodbye to my character, you know. It's good and it's bad. It's the full spectrum of emotions, you know?"

We know. We're sad to see this series end too, Noah.

Noah Centineo and Ross Butler were friends way before the movie

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Ross Butler: "Yeah, we were friends before I joined. It's really easy. Like a lot of the chemistry, you saw on-screen, is just our natural chemistry off-camera."

Noah and Ross first met each other in the waiting area for the same callback and they've been BFFs ever since. Imagine that. Best friends playing best friends.

They all enjoyed filming that New York scene just as much as we enjoyed watching them

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Noah Centineo: "Also, going to New York with everybody was amazing."

Ross Butler: "My most memorable moment would probably be when we were driving around New York and we were going to all these iconic locations and we didn't even have to say anything but it was just us having fun at Grand Central Station."

Check out the trailer for the third and final instalment of the franchise, To All The Boys: Always & Forever:

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