[VIDEO] We Asked Ken Jeong, Margaret Cho, And More About Their Favourite Asian Dish

Catch them in Netflix's latest animation 'Over The Moon'!

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We were given the opportunity to talk to the cast of Netflix's latest animation Over The Moon

Directed by animator extraordinaire, Glen Keane, the animation features an all-Asian cast, with the likes of Cathy Ang, Ken Jeong, Philippa Soo, Margaret Cho, and more voicing the characters.

In this animated musical inspired by Chinese mythology, a girl builds a rocket ship and blasts off, hoping to meet a mythical moon goddess known as Chang'e.

We sat down with the cast and the director to talk about their latest project. Check out our interview with them here:

We totally took them by surprise when we asked them what their favourite Asian dish is teehee!

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Diandra: "What is your all-time favourite Asian dish?"

Glen Keane: "Oh wow!"

Philippa Soo: "Asian dish?! Oh my gosh."

Cathy Ang: "Ooh."

Margaret Cho said that she is totally down with any kind of rice cake (us too, Margaret, us too!)

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Margaret Cho: "Any kind of rice cake, I'm down with the rice cake."

Cathy Ang's favourite Asian dish, however, sounds like the best thing ever

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Cathy Ang: "I like to have it with pork belly..Ooh! That'll get ya!"

Check out the trailer for Over The Moon:

It will premiere on 23 October on Netflix.

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