LANY's Frontman Talks About Malaysia And What He Thinks Is The Sexiest Thing Ever

Look out for their latest album, 'Mama's Boy', set to release on 2 October!

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From dealing with heartbreak to growing pains, LANY has been nothing short of the catharsis we've always needed

Standing in the crowd as we belt our lungs out to The Breakup and I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore further shows that only music written from the heart can evoke such emotion.

But it seems that the indie-pop band's latest album, Mama's Boy, is set to unravel a whole different perspective on life.

We spoke with LANY's frontman Paul Klein as he shared the direction behind Mama's Boy, what they've been up to during quarantine, and his fave Netflix series right now

Unlike Malibu Nights, their previous album dedicated solely to break-ups, Klein reveals that Mama's Boy appeals to a much broader audience.

"Malibu Nights is amazing but if you've never actually been broken up with, you won't be able to relate to it. Whereas on Mama's Boy, there are 14 tracks that are about 14 different things and I think that's going to really help us reach more people," he explains.

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When asked how they came up with the album name, Klein admits they're all 'mamas' boys', but it isn't a bad thing like how most may view it

"If you're a mama's boy, you're pretty in touch with your feelings and emotions, and you're okay with that, and can articulate those things. I think that is super indicative of who we are and who we have been."

He reveals that two of the hardest songs on the album to write emotionally was i still talk to jesus and if this is the last time, adding that he feels like the former is going to be important in his life and career.

"Of course, if this is the last time is such a difficult song to write when you're thinking of saying goodbye to your parents or your loved ones. I think that song will really stand the test of time. Talking about goodbyes and the last words you say to the people you love will never go out of style."

Having performed in Malaysia several times now, the lead singer shares his most memorable experience here

"We had a lot of people at our show when we came and that really took me by surprise. I never knew we have that many fans in Malaysia. That really got my attention and I thought 'yo we need to come back'."

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Although slightly bummed that they can't perform during this time, he's grateful that they could finish up the album, revealing that he's also been binge-watching MasterChef

"I'm obsessed with MasterChef. I've watched all 10 seasons... Apparently, Masterchef Australia is the best one so I'm gonna try to find that and start on that," he shares, admitting that he can't cook but is willing to give it a go.

"I think cooking is the sexiest thing any human can do. To have that skill is so hot. And I simply don't have that skill. I'm trying to learn and be better in the kitchen."

Their previous albums have been great but he discloses that Mama's Boy includes songs that remind you of what's truly important

"In my opinion, people usually just sing about sex, drugs, and money. I'm not sure if that's the legacy I wanna leave. I find more fulfilment in talking about things that really matter."

LANY's latest album, Mama's Boy, will release on 2 October. Check out the music video of one of the songs, you!:

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