The Building Used As Grove High School In 'Princess Diaries' Is Up For Sale

The 'high school' is actually a mansion located in San Francisco.

Cover image via realtor.com & Teen Vogue

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The iconic Grove High School front from Princess Diaries (2001) has been put up for sale at a whopping USD8.9 million (RM39.7 million)

According to an Instagram post by Realtor.com, the building used as the front of Mia Thermopolis' high school is actually a gorgeous mansion in San Francisco. 

The 100-year-old house stretches over 4,500 ft, has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, an elevator connecting the three floors, and a rooftop balcony overlooking a beautiful panoramic view of the Californian coast.

The property was designed by August Headman, infusing French elements to the taste of its original owner, Carlo Matraia, who lived there from 1923 to 1940. In an article by SFGATE, the location manager of the movie, Laurie Noll, commented on how suitable the building was for filming the movie.

"It was dumb luck and perfect timing," she stated.

The exterior of the house has become a popular photo spot for fans of the movie.

Check out what the inside of the house looks like:

2601, Lyon St.
San Francisco,
California, 94123

Maybe someone will turn it into a Genovia-themed Airbnb

Image via GIPHY

On the subject of Queen Mia Thermopolis and her legendary journey, Princess Diaries 3 is in the works and we're super duper excited for it:

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