10 Most Memorable Things About Being At Good Vibes Festival This Year

Take us back. :(

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We've had the privilege of enjoying a dry Good Vibes Festival this year

In between jumping on an airbag trampoline, reminiscing our childhood on a see-saw, and enjoying the performances of both local and international artists, we've been left wanting more after the end of Good Vibes Festival this year.

Here are some of our favourite moments from the weekend:

1. Perfect weather!

Take that in, this is as real as Malaysia gets! #toyotagvf2018 @allisamazing

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No one lost any flip flops in the mud. :)

2. Taking the mandatory group picture in front of the festival's entrance

3. When we went for the airbag jump

Snapshot of our intern taking the jump. :D

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We took turns to conquer our fear of height here!

4. The trampoline which captured embarrassing jump shots

Taking a jump shot while being on the trampoline was like a mandatory thing to do.

5. The music festival fashion

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6. When we met The Neigbourhood for an inteview!

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We had so much fun talking to the guys! Stay tuned for the full interview. 

ps. spot the SAYS logo. ;)

7. Speaking of The Neighbourhood, their fans from Korea made this banner for lead singer, Jesse Rutherford

Kudos to the Korean fans for their determination!

8. When SZA, clad in a saree, got everyone to sing 'Happy Birthday' to her mother

One of the most heartwarming things that happened over the weekend. ❤️

9. When Lorde gave an emotional speech about her song, 'Liability'

Lorde made us shed a tear too. :(

10. We're pretty sure everyone had such a good time at the festival that the traffic jam out of the venue didn't matter

We can't wait for next year's Good Vibes Festival already!

What were your favourite moments from Good Vibes Festival last weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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