This 'Gaji Masuk' Song Perfectly Describes How We Feel About Payday (And Angpow Money)

"Bawak ibu pergi jalan dah takyah pecahkan tabung."

  • As we come to the end of Chinese New Year and beginning of a new month, local rapper A-kid created a payroll anthem, which basically sums up how we feel about all that angpow and salary money

  • Lyrics of the song, written by all four of them, precisely captured what we would do with the extra $$$ we've got from our angpows and salary

    • The group talked about where to go to after receiving their salary, and that they would wipe out the money the day after.

      "Gaji masuk, nak pi mana besok... gaji masuk, guna habis esok," the group rapped.

      A-kid wrote in a verse that he would no longer need to break his piggy bank to bring his mum out.

      "Bawak ibu pergi jalan dah takyah pecahkan tabung," he rapped. 

      In another verse, A-kid also rapped about not needing to keep the cups from McDonald's, as he would be able to afford ordering eight drinks rather than asking for refills.

  • In an interview with SAYS, A-kid labeled the track as "carefree music" and "easy on the ear"

    • A-kid said he doesn't consider the track as rap, neither is it comedy rap. 

      "I don't think it's comedy rap to me, it's just fun music," A-kid said. 

      "It's not even rap to begin with," he added.

  • According to JUICE, A-kid is well-known for turning one-liners into full songs, and he's really good at it

    • In an interview with JUICE, A-kid said he accidentally created a melody that reminded him of when he gets his salary.

      He then went on to turn that into a whole song which garnered more than 400,000 views on YouTube to date.

      In the interview, A-kid also teased dropping five EPs this year, so look out for that!

  • You can watch the full music video here:

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