This Badass 15-Year-Old Malaysian Drummer Has 1 Million Subscribers On YouTube

She started drumming at eight years old!

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Malaysia's most formidable female drummer, Nur Amira Syahira is merely 15 years old

Amira, who has over a million subscribers on YouTube, owe her drum skills to the website itself. She has never attended any drum lessons in her life.

Born and raised in Penang, Amira is widely known for her drum covers. Here's a taste:

We sat down with Amira to talk about why she chose to play drums, her first performance in her life, and how she balances drumming and studying:

SAYS: Hi Amira! Congratulations on the one million YouTube subscribers. How did you first get into drumming?

Amira: I started drumming at eight years old. I love playing the drums because it's very fun, and it's a full-body exercise. You move your legs, hands, and everything. 

Drums are basically the pulse of music. It makes music more fun, more happening. 

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SAYS: Have you tried any musical instruments other than drums?

Amira: Right now I'm learning piano. I started from keyboard because the piano is too big for me. 

I think I will eventually go to (piano) classes, and learn how to sing too! 

SAYS: Tell us about the first time you performed in public.

Amira: I was nine years old, and it was a small gig in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. I felt excited, nervous, and scared as there were so many people at the show.

I wasn't as brave as I am now at the time. But I got through it!

SAYS: What was the first ever song you've tried to play on drums?

Amira: I started with Katy Perry's 'Hot N Cold' because it has a simple beat, and I was using an online drum to play it. 

Even though I was playing (the drums) on a desktop, I enjoyed myself!

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SAYS: Do you find it hard to balance studying and drumming? How do you deal with it?

Amira: My mum does my timetable for me. After I come home from school, I sit down and study for two or three hours.

After that, I'll get permission from my mum to drum!

SAYS: You recently hit one million subscribers on YouTube. How did you celebrate it?

Amira: I just celebrated it with my lovely fans, and I really want to thank them for where I am today. 

In 2011, when I first started drumming, no one knew who I was. I just kept doing what I love and they (the fans) never stopped supporting me. 

My mum gave me something too! But it's a secret. laughs

You can watch Amira's cover of Alan Walker's 'Faded' here:

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