This Ipoh-Born Artist Wrote A Song Based On His Crush On An Instagram Personality

He had taken a break from his studies to pursue music.

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25-year-old Ipoh-born Samuel Lopez moved to Kuala Lumpur with one goal in mind

From his friend's home, Sam had an idea of creating a safe space where he could lock himself away to write and create music up until two years ago. He then decided to take music seriously – by taking a break from his studies and moving to Kuala Lumpur.

Making his mission a family affair, Sam brought in his brother, Lukas Lopez (bass), and cousin Imran Marshall (drums) to perform together as lost spaces with their friends Lim Yi Shien (guitars) and Lim Hong Koon (keys).

We sat down with Sam to find out the origins of lost spaces, his first impressions of Kuala Lumpur, and the story behind his latest single, 'boxset.girlfriend':

SAYS: Tell us something people don't know about lost spaces.

Sam: Our first outdoor show was at the Little Penang Street Market and we used to sing covers of Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, and Simple Plan. My brother was 10 years old, I was 12 years old, and my cousins were nine and 13 years old. That was our first shot at playing live. 

But as we grew up, we never thought that we would end up making music together. I only took music seriously about two years ago, which was when I took a gap year in my studies to come here and pursue a career (in music). 

SAYS: How did lost spaces come about?

Sam: I started it (lost spaces) as a project because I wasn't really comfortable to put my own name as an artist. I just wanted a stage name to hide myself. It's an extension of who I am.

When I first came here (Kuala Lumpur) to make music, I had a big identity crisis because I didn't want to market myself. Moving here was also tough because I felt like I was being swallowed in by the fast-paced lifestyle. Everyone was less serious back in Ipoh, and you could connect to people easily. 

So lost spaces is a combination of me feeling lost in the city, while maintaining my own safe space – music.

SAYS: What's the one song you wrote that was most vulnerable to you?

Sam: I think it's the song, 'fake.guitars'. It was talking about my own experience trying to make sense of the world and why I am here. It's about finding resolution in community and faith.

Basically, the song was penned to remind us that as long we have our friends and relationships, we can still go on with our lives. 

SAYS: Your latest summer banger, 'boxset.girlfriend' has quite a unique name. What's the story behind it?

Sam: I was scrolling Urban Dictionary one day to find out the trendy phrases people are currently using, and I stumbled upon the term "boxset boyfriend". It means falling in love with the lead character of a television series, and that's why you continue to watch that guy. In your mind, he's your boxset boyfriend. 

This reminded me of the big crush I had on an Instagram personality, but no, she doesn't know that the song was written about her! laughs So, the song basically talks about viewing a person like that from your own lenses or social media, and how your feelings are built around that person. 

In the end, with the song's groovy melody but saddening lyrics, you come to a realisation that you'll never get to be with that person because you're just in love with the idea of him or her

Listen to 'boxset.girlfriend' here:

You can catch lost spaces live on the dates below:

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