This Malaysian Play Will Bring You On The Journey Of A Child Sexual Abuse Survivor

LUTH will open at Publika Solaris Dutamas on 20th April.

Cover image via LUTH Theatre/Facebook

Monsters Among Us, a youth organisation against child sexual abuse, is staging a charity theatre show on 20 April

MAU's first stand-alone show, LUTH, will serve as a fundraiser for the organisation. 

"With the rise of (sexual abuse) cases in recent years, we believe that it is imperative for our community to have a fair amount of understanding on this issue," MAU said in a recent statement. 

"(The show would) prepare people to be supporters and protectors of children and survivors around us," the organisation added.

LUTH tells the story of a boy who survived sexual abuse

The show features Luth, a survivor of sexual abuse, who finds himself haunted by the passing of his father. 

A 'new' Luth eventually emerges from the shadows to bring uncertainty to the bedrock held by the old Luth. 

MAU aims to shift the focus and attention from child sexual predators to survivors through the theatre show. 

"More often than not, focus and attention is given to the predators. It's about time we invest ourselves to help those who really need the love, support, and help," the organisation said in a statement. 

"They are survivors, not victims," MAU added.

LUTH will open at Publika Solaris Dutamas on 20th April

Two shows – 3pm and 8pm – will be held in Black Box, Publika. 

For more details on the show, you can visit MAU's event page here.

The show comes with a trigger warning.

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