Remember Netflix's Ang Moh Reboot Of 'Journey To The West'? Here's The Trailer

The 10-episode miniseries is officially titled 'The New Legends of Monkey'.

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Let's be real - no other adaptation of 'Journey to the West' will ever beat the TVB version from the '90s

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With that said, remember when we wrote about Netflix's ang moh reboot of the classic Chinese novel? They've finally released a trailer for the upcoming miniseries, and it actually doesn't look half bad...?

Image via ABC ME

Michael Idato, TV critic for The Sydney Morning Herald, actually called it "thrillingly magical".

Officially titled 'The New Legends of Monkey', the 10-episode miniseries is gonna revolve around the the titular character (played by half-Thai actor Chai Hansen)

Chai Hansen as Monkey.

Image via ABC ME / The Sydney Morning Herald

You might've seen him in the hit CW show 'The 100'. He will also be appearing in Season 3 of 'Shadowhunters'. 

Okay, he doesn't look much like an anthropomorphic monkey, but he's easily recognisable by the circlet on his head and his golden weapon of choice

Image via ABC ME YouTube

Pigsy and Sandy (that's Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing, folks) don't look like the ones we used to watch too, but they seem to have some pretty impressive powers:

Image via ABC ME
Image via ABC ME

We'd also like to point out that we spotted the bad-a** lady who plays the Grandmaster's bodyguard in 'Thor: Ragnarok' as an unknown character in the trailer

Rachel House as Topaz in 'Thor: Ragnarok' (left) and in 'The New Legends of Monkey' (right).

Image via Marvel Studios / ABC ME

Ooooh Monkey gets his cloud-walking boots on too!

Image via giphy.com

Watch the trailer here:

'The New Legends of Monkey' premieres on 28 January on ABC ME in Australia. The premiere date for Netflix has yet to be announced.

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