This American Graphic Novel Illustrated By A M'sian Artist Is Being Adapted Into A TV Show

Southeast Asian representation FTW! :D

Cover image via Titan Comics (YouTube) & GeekNative

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If you're on the lookout for new comic books to read, you should definitely check out Gun Honey, an upcoming graphic novel written by award-winning writer Charles Ardai

The four-part graphic novel tells the story of a Singaporean weapons expert known as Joanna Tan, who's skilled in acquiring the perfect weapons her clients need, just at the right time. However, when her latest assignment leads to the escape of a brutal criminal from a high-security prison, she soon finds herself enlisted by the US government to track him down.

As she searches for him, Joanna is forced to confront the secrets of her own past that will challenge her sense of who she is. 

Aside from the fact that we're getting more Southeast Asian representation in international media, the illustrations of this graphic novel were done by Ang Hor Kheng, a freelance artist based in Ipoh! :D

That's right, a Malaysian artist is responsible for the entire Gun Honey series, wahhh. From the trailer, we can already tell that this self-taught artist has truly outdone himself with his comic book art illustrations. Check out his Instagram or DeviantArt for a better look at his artwork!

While Ang Hor Kheng provided the illustrations for the interior art, the cover art for Gun Honey were drawn by some of the biggest comic book artists in the world:

- Bill Sienkiewicz, known for his work on Marvel Comics' New Mutants, Moon Knight, and Elektra: Assassin
- Robert McGinnis, who worked on various movie posters including Breakfast at Tiffany's
- Adam Hughes, known for his cover work on titles such as Wonder Woman and Catwoman

Image via Titan Comics

A TV adaptation of Gun Honey is also in the works, produced by Piller/Segan and Malaysian production house Double Vision

Min Lim, the Head of Production at Double Vision, said that once she started reading Gun Honey, she couldn't put it down until she finished reading the entire novel.

"Finding a fresh take on the femme fatale is not easy to do, but Charles did exactly that with Joanna and Gun Honey, and as Malaysians, we are incredibly excited to work on bringing an authentic Southeast Asian character to the screen in a big way.

"And, to be able to do it with Charles and our partners at Piller/Segan is just the icing on the cake!" she added.

Charles believes that Double Vision will be able to bring Joanna Tan's story to life with their amazing and authentic filmmaking talent.

"I am a huge fan of their work on The Bridge and can't wait to see what they have in store for Joanna. And the opportunity to work with Piller/Segan again is a joy: working with Lloyd and his team to make Haven was an extraordinary experience," he said.

While the TV series is reportedly in development, you can keep your eyes peeled for the first issue of Gun Honey, which will be launched on 22 September by Titan Comics

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