[VIDEO] Jennifer Garner & Édgar Ramírez Share With Us Funny 'Yes Day' BTS Moments

Jennifer Garner actually cried between takes for the roller coaster scene.

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We recently got the chance to talk to Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez about their latest movie Yes Day and they shared with us some pretty interesting behind-the-scenes details.

Watch the full video of our interview with them below:

The ice cream scene took three days to shoot with more than 40 gallons of ice cream consumed

When asked which activity in Yes Day was their favourite to shoot, both Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez said it was the ice cream scene.
Jennifer Garner:
"Eating the ice cream. You can't go wrong with three days of eating ice cream."

Édgar Ramírez: "Yeah, yeah same thing!"

We also learnt from a statement by Netflix that "the ice cream was specially made to be both dairy-free and low in sugar to ensure no one got too sick". 

Jennifer Garner is actually terrified of roller coasters in real life but did the ride four times, crying in between takes

Jennifer Garner: "I think I did if four times and believe me, I cried between takes. I was so scared."

Édgar Ramírez however, is a big, big, big fan of roller coasters but added that the roller coaster they rode on was really scary

Édgar Ramírez: "She (Garner) had all reasons to be terrified 'cause I rode that roller coaster and it was really scary and I'm a big, big, big fan of roller coasters."

The scene in the tent at the end of the movie was actually unplanned but they ended up using it

Jennifer Garner: "We were laying on our backs with our feet over our heads and they said 'Hey, turn on the camera!' and it was such a sweet moment that we ended up using it to finish the film."

Édgar Ramírez admitted that he had the most fun watching Jennifer Garner fighting with another actress over a stuffed monkey

Édgar Ramírez: "I was thinking I had a lot of fun watching Jen fighting over the monkey. The scene became alive on its own. It was written in a certain way and it just kept growing and growing. And, the two actresses were so funny, the cheetah was so funny. I really enjoyed that scene a lot."

If you're looking for a good movie to enjoy with the rest of your family, Yes Day is currently streaming on Netflix!

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