[VIDEO] 'Minions' Make Their Return With A Throwback To Dinosaurs... And Vampires?

Way before they started working for Gru, the simple-minded yellow henchmen we've all grown to love have served many, many despicable masters since the beginning of time.

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Minions Hitch A Ride To Bad-A**ery With Femme Fatale Scarlet Overkill

You've heard of Comic Con, but did you know that there's an honest to goodness Villain-Con in Minions Universe?!

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No wonder it's so easy for villains to put their world domination plans in motion! Where are the authorities when you need them?!

We also get a first look at the world's first ever supervillain Scarlet Overkill, who makes her grand entrance in a souped-up metal gown...

Kinda reminds us of a certain "genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist" with a similar flair for theatrics, don't you think?

... And tells really great bedtime stories too!

Find out how Scarlet Overkill made an impression on Kevin, Stuart and Bob HERE:

Guess Where The Minions Got Their Signature Blue Overalls From?

A new clip from the upcoming 'Minions' movie shows dysfunctional trio Stuart, Kevin and Bob going through a number of questionable fashion choices upon their arrival in New York in the late '60s

Watch the clip HERE:

Let's face it, everyone only watches Despicable Me because of these adorable banana-like creatures a.k.a Minions

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If you're not convinced of the "Minions craze", we'd like to draw attention to the time Malaysians queued up in McDonald's outlets to get their hands on Minions toys.

Which is why the ever-lovable Minions are getting their own spinoff movie next year!

If you're wondering how that's going to work, the movie will be taking us way, waaayy back when the yellow creatures first came into our world

Over many, many years, the yellow henchmen have served many, many despicable masters, including the viciously savage T-Rex when dinosaurs walked the Earth...

... to serving a much revered pharaoh in Ancient Egypt...

... firing cannons for Napoleon...

... and even Count Dracula himself!

The Minions are not very good at keeping these masters though. Left without an evil master to serve, they isolated themselves from the world to start a new life in the cold, bleak environment of Antartica.

Sometime in the 60s, the lack of a master drives them into depression, so bravest minion Kevin and two other volunteers - Stuart and Bob - set out to find a new evil boss for the brethren to follow. With funny consequences, of course.

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How will Kevin, Stuart and Bob fare in a whole new world? Watch the adorable trailer HERE:

Directed by Despicable Me directors Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin, Minions stars Jon Hamm, Steve Carrell, and Sandra Bullock, and will be released in June 2015.

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