[VIDEO] Netizens Are Shook By How Much This Dentist Resembles BLACKPINK's Rosé

Suddenly, we all have a toothache.

Cover image via @sarangdmd (Instagram) & @sarangdmd (TikTok)

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Last month, the Internet was shook to find out that a professor at a university in China looks like BLACKPINK's Lisa

This month, we have found a new doppelgänger of another BLACKPINK member.

Meet Dr Sarang Choi, a dentist and a part-time Rosé clone.

In case you are confused, the one on the right is Rosé

On 30 March, Choi posted a TikTok of her dancing to Rosé's debut single On The Ground.

Right after she posted the video, BLACKPINK fans — called BLINKS —  flooded the comment section to say the dentist and the singer look like twins.

Image via TikTok

"BLINKS accept you as the second Rosie," said a TikTok user, while another added in jest that Choi is Rosé's long-lost sister.

A few days later, Choi uploaded another TikTok of her dancing to the song again. This time, she did the dance moves on her dentist chair.

Staying true to On The Ground's music video where one of the choreographies involves Rosé dancing on the ground, Choi's performance on the dentist chair was filmed from above as well.

The TikTok later went viral with over 4.4 million views, three times more than the aforementioned video.

Will you look at their resemblance.

When asked who is her favourite BLACKPINK member, Choi told SAYS in an email, "ROSÉ. Yes, I had to write in all caps!"

Choi said she loves Rosé because of the singer's angelic voice.

She also told SAYS that she has been told countless times by people around her that she looks like the Korean-New Zealand superstar, adding, "But I honestly do not see the resemblance. But hair and makeup can do a lot of things!"

In her last TikTok as well as many of her Instagram posts, many comments sound like a broken record, saying how much Choi looks like Rosé.

A handful of them can be seen tagging Rosé's official pages, hoping the BLACKPINK member can notice her doppelgänger.

Watch Choi parody Rosé's On The Ground here:


just fangirling @roses_are_rosie ##ontheground

original sound - ROSÉ

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK Lisa's doppelgänger has chosen to remain largely private despite the attention:

Rosé made her solo debut last month: