[VIDEO] 'The Flash' Speaking Bahasa Malaysia Makes Netizens Both Delighted And Amused

"Grant Gustin trying to speak Malay has made my day."

Cover image via Instagram @lathoma3 & Daily Express

Ang mohs saying "apa khabar?" always seem to impress Malaysians.

And this ang moh speaking Bahasa Malaysia proves to be no exception.

Recently, Andrea "LA" Thoma Gustin, who married 'The Flash' star Grant Gustin, posted a video of the superhero trying to speak Bahasa Malaysia

Thoma recorded herself playfully teasing Gustin on camera while he tried to swat her hands away

Gustin, who plays Barry Allen in the superhero series, could be heard softly saying "jangan kacau", which means "don't disturb" or "don't mess with me" in Bahasa Malaysia, as Thoma explained in the Instagram post she shared on Wednesday, 15 January.

Things got even more wholesome when Thoma tried teaching Gustin how to say it properly

Not gonna lie, it was kinda cute seeing Gustin trying to pronounce the 'ng' in 'jangan'. :')

Thoma, who is half-Kadazan on her mother's side, is able to speak a bit of Bahasa Malaysia and Kadazan

Although Thoma and her family live in the United States, they still make it a point to visit Sabah to go back to her mother's cultural roots.

Thoma and Gustin even had a traditional wedding ceremony there!

Needless to say, netizens were over the moon to hear 'Barry Allen' speak their language

"He's too precious," an Instagram user commented on Thoma's post.

"Grant learning Malaysian from you needs to be a thing this is hilarious and so wholesome at the same time," another user added.

Twitter user @SyahirahSkylar agreed that Gustin should learn more Bahasa Malaysian words.

"Andrea trying to teach Grant Gustin to say 'Jangan Kacau' is the cutest and funniest thing I've seen today. We need more content of Grant learning some Malay words."

Another Twitter user said: "Grant Gustin trying to speak Malay has made my day."

Meanwhile, Gustin isn't the only one who has Malaysian connections in Hollywood: