[VIDEO] We Got Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt To Guess 'Jungle Cruise' Scenes Drawn By Kids

And they loved the drawings, whee!

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Guess what, guys? The cinemas are now open and we can go back to watching movies on the big screen!

Releasing this week on 23 September is Disney's Jungle Cruise which stars Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, and Jack Whitehall.

We recently had the chance to do a video interview with the main cast of this family adventure movie

As we wanted it to be extra special, we decided to get kids to be a part of it.

Prior to the interview, these talented kids drew up scenes and objects they picked out from the Jungle Cruise trailer. Check out their cute faces and amazing drawings below:

Clockwise, from left: Ayub, Sitarey, Amery, Sulaiman, Valerie, and Aisya.

Image via Provided to KLIPS

We brought the drawings along with us and showed it to the cast for them to react and to see if they could guess which scene the drawing is from. Watch how it all went down here:

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt were both amazed when we first showed them the drawings. And, they could make out the scenes they were from!

Image via KLIPS

Wei Shen: "Do you guys recognise this?"

Emily Blunt: "Wait, who is that? Is it me?"

Dwayne Johnson: (jokingly) "That's you." 

Emily Blunt: "Oh my goodness."

Dwayne Johnson: "Awww. It looks good."

In fact, their guesses were so spot on that Blunt remembered that Johnson's character still owes her money. Oops

Image via KLIPS

Dwayne Johnson: (reading) "Owes me money! Oh, the bird!"
Wei Shen: "Yes." 

Emily Blunt: "Frank does owe me money."

Jack Whitehall managed to spot his character in one of the drawings including the wardrobe he was using at the time. Wow

Image via KLIPS

Jack Whitehall: "And there's me and my amazing three-piece white linen suit."

But this part, where Johnson gives a random name to one of the items and Blunt asked if he just pulled that out of his waxed butthole, had us laughing real good

Image via KLIPS

Dwayne Johnson: "It's the arrowhead."

Wei Shen: "Yes, correct!"

Emily Blunt: "In the box." 

Dwayne Johnson: (confidently) "I remember. It's Zugorina."

Emily Blunt: "Zugorina? Did you just pull that out of your waxed butthole?"

They seem like a fun trio together, don't they? You should check them out in action in Jungle Cruise. Let's just say, you'll be in for quite an adventure!

PS: We would like to give a special thanks to the wonderful kids who took time and effort to do the drawings. You guys did great!

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Image via KLIPS

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