[VIDEOS] Coldplay, OneRepublic & More Remind Us We're Not Alone With Uplifting New Music

Plus, hear the heartbreaking story behind the TikTok hit 'Arcade' from Duncan Laurence himself in this week's #FlyInterviews.

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#NewMusicFlyday is our list of the hottest song releases, music videos, and exclusive interviews of the week

Leading the week with dreamy new tracks are local artists Clinton Chua and Airliftz, joined by two incredibly talented young artistes in repping Sarawak!

Then, snap your fingers along to Cheat Codes' latest uplifting track featuring the gorgeous vocals of Tinashe. We've also got the groovy, alternative sound of Texan singer-songwriter, Dayglow.

Proving their legacies are well earned are Coldplay and OneRepublic, with both bands also continuing the theme of uplifting and empowering. Meanwhile, Conan Gray's Astronomy is one for a late-night, candle-lit listen.

Round it off is Bebe Rexha, with her latest album, Better Mistakes.

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1. Home To You - Clinton Jerome Chua

Hailing from Miri in Sarawak, Clinton has made a name for himself as a singer-songwriter and has come a long way from his church choir days. But that hasn't changed his humble, kind, and down-to-earth demeanour.

His sweet personality is reflected in the gentle power of his voice and in the achy lyrics of his latest track, Home To You.

2. Love Therapy - Airliftz, Allester Shaun, Nisa Addina

Malaysian rapper and producer Airliftz, whose real name is Aliff Shaharom, has formed a power trio with two Sarawakian gems: Blue hitmaker Allester Shaun and multi-award winning violinist, Nisa Addina.

23-year-old Airliftz dropped his first EP Bagel in 2017 and has released a string of singles since.

In 2020 aline, Airliftz dropped the tracks Ease My Mind and Nice To Know Ya, after releasing the songs How Many Times and Sea Gyal in 2019.

3. Lean On Me - Cheat Codes ft Tinashe

Snap your fingers along to the American DJ trio's latest, uplifting track, Lean on Me.

Featuring vocals from one-third of the trio, Trevor Dahl, and 2 On hitmaker Tinashe, the track has them crooning:

"Baby, when you're falling
You can lean on me
When you don't feel strong
Whеn you don't believe
Baby, lеt me love you"

Lean on Me is just one of 11 tracks off the No Promises hitmakers' latest album, HELLRAISERS Part 1. As the name suggests, the album is just one of the projects that the trio is working up, with Part 2 and 3 set to drop at a later date – each part lauded as having a distinct sound influenced by each member.

Part 1 will include recently released tracks: On My Life, Heaven, Between Our Hearts (ft CXLOE), Stay (ft Bryce Vine), Washed Up, Do It All Over (ft Marc E Bassy), No Chill (ft Lil Xxel), and Hate You + Love You (ft AJ Mitchell).

4. Balcony - Dayglow

Sloan Struble has gone through a few changes in this musical career: from being formerly known as Kindred to rebranding as Dayglow, with band members Nate Davis, Nico Fennell, Eric Loop, and Brady Knippa joining him during live performances.

In a follow up to his debut album as Dayglow (Fuzzybrain, 2018), Struble has released Harmony House. The album consists of 11 tracks, with Balcony being one, alongside previously released tracks, Something and Close To You.

Sloan states on his Instagram: "I wrote Balcony quite a while ago, but it's been through tons of phases & revisions before landing on this final version. I wanted to make a song that felt like The Cure, Broncho, and the Mario Kart Soundtrack huddled up. Not sure why — it just feels nice. Hope you enjoy it and play it at a house party or something cause that's definitely what it's for."

5. Higher Power - Coldplay

Legends in their own right, British rock icons Coldplay have just dropped their latest single, Higher Power. The bop was produced by Swedish songwriter and producer Max Martin on "a little keyboard and a bathroom sink at the start of 2020".

Frontman Chris Martin says the song "is about trying to find the astronaut in all of us, the person that can do amazing things".

The single is the band's first since their Grammy-nominated 2019 album, Everyday Life.

The teasers leading up to the singles feature an original language known as 'Kaotican', with cryptic graphics appearing in London and New York, and on an official website called Alien Radio, which also serves as the title of the band's forthcoming album.

Fans can catch a live version of Higher Power on both Americal Idol and at the 2021 BRIT Awards.

6. Run - OneRepublic

If you can whistle, this is one for the collection: OneRepublic's latest, Run. Fresh off the band's upcoming fifth studio album, Human, Run explores the conscious choice of living life to the fullest.

Frontman Ryan Tedder explains, "This song is about all the negative press. Everything that is on the news sucks a-- 99% of the time: 'The world is gonna end, the economy is gonna crash, the sky is falling, everything is so bad…' and my reaction to that is – horse-blinders. Cut through all the noise. Go do what you want, where you want, when you, how you want. Don't listen to anybody else. Turn the news off, get off socials, whatever is making you upset or depressed. We're not promised another day. Run."

Human will be Tedder and co's latest follow-up to 2016's Oh My My and will include previously released tracks: Rescue Me, Wanted, Didn't I, and Better Days.

Ryan recently revealed how the idea for Rescue Me came to mind: "Rescue Me was written very quickly, 10 minutes or less almost a stream of consciousness. The concept: In every friendship, there's a give and take, but sometimes you have to wonder if the love you give is the love you'll get."

7. Astronomy - Conan Gray

For this track, sit with your eyes closed and the song turned up, and let it wash over you. Believed to be from Gray's highly anticipated second album, Worlds Apart, Astronomy holds a world of emotions and meaning.

The 22-year-old sings:

"From far away, I wish I'd stayed with you
But here, face to face, a stranger that I once knew
I thought if I wandered, I'd fall back in love
You said, "Distance brings fondness," but guess not with us"

Not much is known about the Heather hitmaker's second album, a follow up to his wildly successful Kid Krow. However, Gray himself has spoken about the upcoming album with NME, sharing: "Some days I'm very, very happy and I want to sing about daydreaming about an alternate reality where I can just find some stranger and move to a different country with them. Other days, I am barely capable of leaving my bed. That's what the album is gonna be like, similar to Kid Krow. I think people can expect the full range of human emotion out of me. I don't think I could control myself enough to not give people that."

8. Break My Heart Myself - Bebe Rexha ft Travis Barker

Bebe Rexha's second studio album, Better Mistakes, is chock-full of bangers!

Released today, 7 May, the album consists of previously released tracks, Baby I'm Jealous, Sacrifice, and Sabotage. But its original title track, Break My Heart Myself, whose spot was later given to Baby I'm Jealous, is addictive in its dramatic flair and slightly creepy synth-pop sound.

The follow up to her 2018 album, Expectations, is a 13-track album that is produced by powerhouse producers Justin Tranter and Jeff Levin and features collaborations with Lil Uzi Vert, Rick Ross, Pink Sweat$, Trevor Daniel, and other superstars.

Bebe set the stage for this release with the radio anthem Sacrifice, and the song has racked up over 20 million streams and 10 million views for the music video.

In an exclusive with Dan from Fly FM, Rexha delved into her own insecurities and the sacrifice she’s had to make in her rise to fame.

Not to be missed is this #FlyInterviews session with Duncan Lawrence

Major TikTok hit, Arcade by Duncan Laurence, at first sight might sound like a fun song off the bat, but do you know that it's actually a song that combines two heartbreaking stories?

The dreamy Dutch singer-songwriter, who was a semi-finalist on the fifth season of The Voice of Holland, just FYI, goes deep in his interview with Dan!

Tune in to Fly FM to listen to these songs and much more!

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