[VIDEOS] Get Ready To Cry Like It's 2008 With Taylor Swift's 2021 Version Of 'Fearless'

We've got gifts from two beloved K-pop stars in the form of solo tracks, as well as powerful duos who bring soul, rap, and indie rock to this weeks #NewMusicFlyday!

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#NewMusicFlyday is our list of the hottest song releases, music videos, and exclusive interviews of the week

Introducing the talented young rapper, YHB Sleepsalot, with his track Don't Miss Demo!

Meanwhile, bringing us a new combo is the Prince of Reggaeton in a collaboration with Khalid! At the same time, SM Entertainment has blessed us with the musical stylings of Red Velvet's Wendy (a whole album, too!) and EXO's Chanyeol. And, releasing their first full album since 2018: Twenty One Pilots!

Coming in with "a different strut" are Sza and Doja Cat with another banger, while Taylor Swift makes history with the re-release of her award-winning 2008 album, Fearless.

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1. Don't Miss Demo - YHB Sleepsalot

YHB Sleepsalot began songwriting at 13, started releasing original music when he was 16 and is now best known for his distinct sound and quirky social media presence.

The self-taught artist produced his own music using beats he found on YouTube.

His song Karabujan got the attention of Hip Hop icons in the region, Sonaone and ALYPH. The promising rapper has also opened for top acts including MK K Clique, Kidd Santhe, and Tuju K Clique.

2. Otra Noche Sin Ti - J Balvin, Khalid

What happens when you blend soulful vocals with reggaeton? Pure. Magic.

In their first-ever collaboration, 23-year-old Young Dumb & Broke singer Khalid joins José Álvaro Osorio Balvín on a track lamenting the loss of love.

The bilingual track sees Balvin sing:

"They say I lost you and I can't tolerate another night without you
Another night without you hurts a lot,"

Before Khalid joins in with:

"Been a while since I've seen your face
Thinkin' of you every day
Say the word, I'm on a one way."

3. Like Water - Wendy

Boasting five tracks on its tracklist, Like Water is the solo debut of Red Velvet member, Wendy.

As the first of the five-member group to release a solo project, Wendy sheds the group's image – a bold, typically pop-heavy, occasionally R&B/hip-hop rhythm – to create her own "colour".

Dedicating the title track to her fans, the 27-year-old shared: "To all of my fans who know me and think of me more than anybody, even myself, you are the most precious and most indispensable to me on earth just like water. I will always stand by your side no matter what. I wish I could also be the reason for your life like you are for me."

4. Tomorrow - CHANYEOL (찬열)

SM to the rescue! After EXO member Baekhyun announced that he would be enlisting in the military, SM has released a song and music video for fellow member Chanyeol - who, actually, only recently enlisted in the mandatory military programme.

The gorgeous acoustic track revolves around the theme of anxiety over an unknown future and the desire to find light at the end of the darkness.

The lyrics convey this anxiety, as he sings:

"What's next
Will it be the same as it is now?
Like walking in a tunnel
I'm anxious
Maybe then tomorrow"

5. Shy Away - Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots is back with Shy Away, the first track from their upcoming, new "more colourful" album, Scaled and Icy.

Shy Away is based on a conversation that lead vocalist Tyler Joseph had with his younger brother, who wanted to observe his creative process. On BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds, he explained: "Lyrically, it kinda turned out to talk about being an older brother and how the only tougher than trying to figure out what your own purpose is, is watching someone you love try to figure out their purpose."

The name of the album is a clever anagram of Clancy Is Dead, with Clancy being the protagonist of the 'world' in which their last album Trench was set in.

The 11-track album was written and largely produced by Joseph over the course of the past year at his home studio, and as such, is a personification of his growth.

The duo's sixth album, Scaled And Icy, drops on 21 May.

6. Kiss Me More - Doja Cat, Sza

In an interview for V Magazine, Sza said of her collab with Doja: "I know our little ditty Kiss Me More is a different strut and I’m just excited."

Kiss Me More is part of Doja Cat's upcoming third studio album, Planet Her, due this summer.

The 25-year-old rapper told MTV that the album "incorporates dancehall, afrobeat, funk and house".

She says: "For me, I want to try all these things, but I'm starting to learn what I’m falling into is a lot of the house, disco, vintage-y essences—that’s where my heart kind of lies. But I still am doing sh*t that I don't understand. It's still really fun!"

7. Mr. Perfectly Fine - Taylor Swiff

As Taylor has so poetically put it, it's time we "all jump into this brave world together, filled with equal parts nostalgia and brand newness" with Fearless (Taylor's Version).

With Taylor having gained full control of her music, she's now able to release songs on her terms, as well as some previously unreleased songs - songs she says will allow fans to "have the full picture".

The 27-track re-recorded album includes favourites like Love Story, Fifteen, You Belong With Me, White Horse and other new tracks from The VaultWe Were Happy, That's When, Don't You, Bye Bye Baby, and You All Over Me (also, apparently, about Joe!).

Now, hold my coffee, Imma stream Fearless (Taylors Version) as I dance, cry, and scream along to the songs from my own days dealing with pre-teen heartbreak.

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