[VIDEOS] SEA Artists Represent! Check Out These New Tracks From Yung Raja, IU & 6 More

Not to mention the emotional journeys that Tate McRae, Ali Gatie, and Demi Lovato take us on!

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As the first Singaporean to make the NME 100 list, Yung Raja is proving why he was included with his absolute FIRE new track, Mami. Meanwhile, bringing in the 'cute' factor are MFMF. alongside rapper ASYRAF NASIR, and Haziq with Crush.

Another gem from Malaysia, Yuna, makes an appearance alongside saxophonist Aaron Leibowitz on Chinese-American electronic music producer ZHU's newest track. Also returning is South Korean singer-songwriter IU, with her latest album, LILAC.

A little further out, Canadians Tate McRae and Ali Gatie have dropped their albums in all its musical glory, while Demi Lovato's highly anticipated, incredibly personal title track for her album Dancing With The Devil...The Art of Starting Over makes its debut.

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1. Mami - Yung Raja

In his foray into the US music scene, Singaporean rapper Yung Raja has just dropped a psychedelic, trap-heavy new single (produced by long-time collaborator Flightsch) that sees him infusing his signature talent at multilingual wordplay to create an addictive track loaded with cultural references. As the 26-year-old playfully (and effortlessly) flirts in both English and Tamil, he manifests a new definition for the term Mami.

After first performing the track back in 2018, its official release this year marks his debut release for Alamo Records. His signing to the US label was announced in October, when he dropped his last single The Dance Song.

2. Crush - MFMF., ASYRAF NASIR, Haziq


"Sebab banyak sangat benda yang I suka pada you"
You'll definitely catch yourself thinking, "Well, banyak sangat benda yang I suka pada this track!"

In true MFMF. fashion, the synthpop track is a bright confessional that will surely get you bopping along.

3. Sky Is Crying - ZHU, Yuna

American electronic music producer ZHU has dropped his new track featuring our homegirl Yuna.

To fans delight, ZHU (real name Steven Zhu) has confirmed that the track is part of his upcoming third studio album, DREAMLAND, which the artist alluded to in early 2020. Other tracks that may be part of the album could be the singles released last year, Risky Business, Only (with Tinashe), and I Admit It.

Most recently, ZHU fans are speculating that his album will drop on 30 April, after his website was updated to include the item 'LP3', priced at USD430.21, to mirror the date 30 April 2021. The artist has since confirmed that this is, indeed, true!

4. LILAC (라일락) - IU (아이유)

Romantic, lovely, funky: all words to describe IU's title track, LILAC. With her fifth album, IU is marking the end of her 20s with the album concept built upon "greetings/farewells" (인사; insa).

Different from her previous albums, IU relieved to W Korea that this 10-track album is "...ornate and diverse in many ways, including the meanings of the messages and the breadth of the music's sound."

"None of the songs on this album were composed by me alone. I came to the conclusion that there's no need for there to be a self-composed song by IU just because it's an IU album. I've mainly written calm songs that tell personal stories so far. I decided that that wasn't the right fit for this album's tone, so I didn't hesitate to remove those."

5. Do You Believe - Ali Gatie feat Marshmello, Ty Dolla $ign

Hot on the heels of the success of It's You, Iraqi-Canadian singer-songwriter Ali Gatie has released his second studio album, The Idea of Her. The 10-track album will also feature a video for the track, Do You Believe, an upbeat collaboration between Gatie, Marshmello, and Ty Dolla $ign. What lead to this collaboration?

According to Gatie, "This song started as a ballad for me. I loved the idea of a song about running away and choosing love over everything. After finishing it, I felt like a song about believing in the power of love should feel more anthemic and heroic. That's why I decided to collaborate with Marshmello and Ty Dolla $ign."

The track is one of two major collaborations on the project, with the second being lie to me with Tate McRae. The Idea of Her is a vulnerable exploration of the rollarcoaster of love. Gatie explains: "The opening song is as beautiful and joyful as can be, and then Can't Let You Go is as sad and hopeless as it gets. It's about love as a whole – the type of love that takes a day to happen and the type of heartbreak that takes years to recover from."

6. bad ones - Tate McRae

After first debuting bad ones on her YouTube Live back in September last year, Canadian singer McRae wasn't sure she was going to add the track to her second EP, TOO YOUNG TO BE SAD.

The six-track album includes the hit you broke me first, which has racked up over 400 million streams on Spotify alone. After a difficult process of putting together her album without her team physically with her, McRae shared her excitement with Complex for the albums release, "I had to choose six of my favorite songs that I've been writing over the past seven months and the strongest ones that are all cohesive."

7. Unlearn - Benny Blanco, Gracie Abrams

From Benny Blanco's new album, Friends Keep Secrets 2, is an emotional track that sees him melding his vocals with Gracie Abrams's. The song is co-written by Abrams, who wrote Unlearn after breaking up with her boyfriend back in 2019.

The guilt of having broke up with him "out of nowhere" lead to her writing down what she wanted to say to him, which then developed into the track with Blanco.

Gracie Abrams first worked with Blanco when he served as the producer title track on her debut album, minor.

8. Dancing With The Devil - Demi Lovato

The lead single off of her upcoming seventh studio album, Dancing With The Devil… The Art of Starting Over, sees Demi Lovato vulnerably detailing what happened to her after her 2018 near-fatal overdose.

Lovato has described the song being "the perfect driving song", adding, "There's been so many times in my life where I've had to start over once again, whether I felt like I've hit rock bottom, or after a breakup. We can pull ourselves back up and keep fighting the good fight."

The album will consist of 19 main tracks (the UK addition will have one bonus track, and the Target edition will have two) and includes collaborations with Ariana Grande, Saweetie, as well as Noah Cyrus. The full album will be made available 2 April, 2021.

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