[VIDEOS] BTS Reflect On Past Memories In New 'Film Out' MV

Get ready for an emotional trip this week with songs about vices, freedom, letting go, and more!

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#NewMusicFlyday is our list of the hottest song releases, music videos, and exclusive interviews of the week

We've got Kuching native Allester Shaun with his follow up to his hits Blue and Sweet Babycakes as well as a collab between local singer-songwriters CUURLEY and Daiyan Trisha to start off this week's #NewMusicFlyday!

Hot on the heels of her epic hit, drivers license is Olivia Rodrigo with a new tale to weave.

Making sure to leave his mark before enlisting in the two-year-long South Korean military service is the vocalist that has it all - power, range, and the ability to make you feel - Baekhyun.

Meanwhile, Toronto-based Muslim poet and songwriter Mustafa explores the heavy topic of loss in his latest drop, Ali. To wrap it up, are BTS and Demi Lovato x Ariana Grande, both with powerful tracks to last you through the weekend!

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1. Stones In My Shoes - Allester Shaun

Allester Shaun's soft and romantic musical style, packed with hints of nostalgia, will undoubtedly wash over you in waves. His latest track, following hits like Blue and Sweet Babycakes, was inspired by "a dream encounter with small aliens with malicious intentions for mind control" and works as a metaphor for the little things that can sometimes plague and irritate a person.

Inspired by his uncle, Allester first picked up the guitar at 12 years old.

Heavily influenced by the likes of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, Pantera, Jakob Ogawa, Mac Demarco, and Tame Impala, the now 24-year-old Sarawakian musician has grown tremendously since.

2. Weightless - CUURLEY, Daiyan Trisha

Four years after its creation, we're finally getting to hear the track that producer, DJ, composer, and singer-songwriter CUURLEY and fellow Malaysian singer-songwriter, actor, and poet Daiyan Trisha came up with!

The combination of Daiyan's beautiful, breathy vocals and CUURLEY's rugged tone works like magic, while the track's addictive beat is sure to get you swaying!

3. deja vu - Olivia Rodrigo

How do you top a hit that made you the youngest artist ever to hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with their first record, before going on to rack up eight weeks atop the chart? Well, Olivia Rodrigo makes it seem easy with her latest track!

The 18-year-old actress, known for her roles in Disney shows Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is back with a sassy track that flips the narrative, pointing out how her ex is not doing anything "new" or "special" with his new girl.

Speaking to MTV host Kevan Kenney, Rodrigo explained that her latest track is "definitely not like drivers license at all", sharing: "I want people to see more about who I am as a person and get to know me better. My next singles are reflective of that and there's also a lot of aspects of a break-up that aren't sadness and stuff like that."

4. Bambi - Baekhyun

As his final release before his mandatory two-year military service, multitalented EXO and SuperM member Baekhyun has released his third Korean EP, Bambi.

Intending to go out with a bang (temporarily, of course, he'll be back!), Bambi sees Baekhyun unleash his full vocal prowess – complete with vocal runs, ad-libs, and falsettos – on top of slow guitar and synth-based instrumentals.

The album name, an amalgamation of the Korean words, '밤' (bam) which means 'night' and '비' (bi) which means 'rain', refer to the calm of a nighttime rain shower. It also alludes to the popular Disney classic, Bambi.

An R&B-driven record, its tracklist features six tracks and has two singles. On 30 March, hours before its release, the pre-order sales of Bambi surpassed 833,392, making it the most pre-ordered album by a soloist in South Korean history.

5. Ali - Mustafa

Toronto-based Muslim poet and songwriter Mustafa has dropped the track, Ali, ahead of the release of his first full-length project, When Smoke Rises. The album has been described as "a collection of folky pop songs exploring the grief, anger, and platonic love he's grappled with in mourning".

Ali sees Mustafa recounting the true story of begging a friend to relocate to another city, only for that friend to be killed. It features Mustafa's smooth, deep vocals along with an addictive guitar pattern that draws you in from the get-go.

At 12, Mustafa gained local recognition for his precocious spoken word poetry, in which he wove empathy and existential angst into pleading.

In recent years, he's earned the public support of Drake, placed songs with Camila Cabello and The Weeknd, and worked with people like Usher and Metro Boomin.

When Smoke Rises will feature eight tracks and will include two previously released singles: Stay Alive and Air Forces. The full album drops on 28 May.

6. Leave The Door Open (Live) - Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak

The duo that makes up the stylings of Silk Sonic has released a special edition of their hit single, Leave the Door Open (Live). The R&B soul mix is given new life in the live version of the Billboard charting track.

Without further ado, as Bruno Mars introduced it: "Due to popular demand (and by demand I mean andy's close relatives and two people I employ) we proudly present, #LeaveTheDoorOpen LIVE!"

Silk Sonic performed the song live for the first time at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, adopting a 70s aesthetic and starry background.

7. Film Out - BTS

As part of their upcoming Japanese-language compilation album, BTS, THE BEST, the seven-member, Grammy-nominated group has released the track, Film Out.

Its accompanying cinematic music video sees the members reflecting on their memories with each other before fading, while an hourglass counts down their slow disappearance in front of Jin's eyes.

Written by Jungkook along with J-pop band Back Number, the track will appear as the ending theme in the upcoming Japanese movie SIGNAL The Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit, based on the Korean drama of the same name, due on 2 April.

Jungkook is also credited as one of the song's producers. Meanwhile, the BTS, THE BEST album will drop on 16 June, three days after the groups eighth anniversary.

8. Met Him Last Night - Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande

As the last-minute addition to her album, Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over, we can't help but wonder how Met Him Last Night almost didn't make it onto the tracklist.

Recorded in the last three weeks before the album was finalised, Met Him Last Night is a theatrical, dramatic, and befitting track for the powerful vocalists that are Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande. The track sees the duo singing about life's vices, personified in the form of "the devil".

The new album is Lovato's first in almost four years - her most personal and intimate project yet - since 2017's Tell Me You Love Me, which became her highest-charting effort on the Official Albums Chart, reaching number five.

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