Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, John Cena, And Justin Lin Talk 'Fast And Furious 9'

'Fast & Furious 9' is releasing in local cinemas on 24 June 2021!

Cover image via UIP Malaysia (Provided to KLIPS)

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Fast and Furious 9, the movie every Fast fan has been eagerly awaiting, is finally releasing this year in June, a year after its original release date

This next instalment which teased the return of Han, a fan favourite character, was initially set to release in May 2020. However, with cinemas closed throughout the world due to the pandemic, it was postponed to release in 2021 instead.

While there are a lot of theories online of what the next one would entail and a lot of questions surrounding it, the trailer has definitely gotten the audience's attention with the biggest being 'How is Han still alive after what happened in Tokyo Drift?'.

In this ninth chapter, Dominic Toretto and his crew join forces to battle the most skilled assassin and high-performance driver they've ever encountered - his forsaken brother.

A few days ago, the cast and director of the movie got together over Zoom for a virtual press conference where they shared with us some interesting details

1. John Cena, who has always been a fan of the franchise, will be playing Dominic Toretto's younger brother, Jakob Toretto

John Cena (left) as Jakob Toretto and Charlize Theron as Cipher.

Image via UIP Malaysia (Provided to KLIPS)

"I am a super geek fan of the franchise. And I love what the movie stands for," says John Cena.

"What a life-changing opportunity not only to be invited into the franchise but I was asked to be Agent Toretto and that has weight to me, like that in itself. So I don't take it lightly and I think it shows that with all of us."

Fully committed to the role and the franchise, he added that, "The objective is to make Fast a beast. And, I think we have all done that because collectively we all have the same goal."

Welcome to the Fast family, John!

2) Fans can expect more scenes and action from the women in this next chapter

Michelle Rodriguez as Letty.

Image via UIP Malaysia (Provided to KLIPS)

Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Letty, is super thrilled for this next chapter.

She exclaimed, "I am super excited about Mia being able to get her hands dirty in this one. And, this new character Anna, wait til you see what's in store. The women in general in this franchise feature are kicking a-- and taking names. Down to Helen Mirren."

"The most fun that we've had was in a stunt sequence where we all got together and we were fighting some villains in Japan, in the Tokyo sequence. I had a blast just learning the choreography to that and just getting my hands dirty with Mia," she said.

She added, "Being able to connect with Jordana (Brewster) after all these years. We barely have scenes together so this was nice."

3. The return of Han

Sung Kang is back as Han Lue.

Image via UIP Malaysia (Provided to KLIPS)

Returning director Justin Lin, who helmed the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth chapters of the series, said he was glad he managed "to be able to come back and correct something that didn't make sense (Han's demise)" to him.

He added, "When Han left in Fast 6, I thought that was it, also. So it was very poetic how it all kind of came back together."

Although Lin didn't spill any more details, we're just glad there's #JusticeForHan. 

4. Going to space

Justin Lin, Director of 'Fast & Furious 9'.

Image via UIP Malaysia (Provided to KLIPS)

They made it happen, guys! When asked about that last scene in the trailer where Tej and Roman are seen going to space, Justin Lin and Vin Diesel both admitted it and added that actual research was done prior to it.

Justin Lin: "I felt like I went back to school. I was talking to scientists, literally rocket scientists."

Vin Diesel: "Research was done. Justin and I would go off and brainstorm everything and that was a crazy contribution from Justin and my jaw was on the ground and I was like... it's delicious but crazy."

Watch the brand new trailer for Fast and Furious 9:

Justin Lin introduces NEW Fast & Furious 9 Trailer

Khabar baik, Justin! Terima kasih. Watch the brand-new trailer for #Fast9! Get ready to ride. The Fast family is back on 24th June!

Posted by KLIPS on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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