"From Hogwarts To Asia" — The Weasley Twins From Harry Potter Filming TV Show In Singapore

The actor who played the father of the Weasley children in the 'Harry Potter' franchise, Mark Williams, was also spotted alongside his on-screen sons.

Cover image via @oliver_phelps (Instagram)

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Fred and George Weasley have left the Hogwarts Universe and officially landed in Southeast Asia

Pioneer actors of the Harry Potter franchise, Oliver and James Phelps, who played the iconic roles of Fred and George Weasley in the movie series, were spotted filming an upcoming episode of their 2022 television series, Fantastic Friends.

Described on IMDb as a sequence of extraordinary exploits which see them meeting spellbinding guests, exploring enchanting cities, and taking on phenomenal challenges, Oliver and James discover the beauties of a multitude of countries, all while managing their own mischief along the way.

Having confirmed that they are in the process of filming a second season, the brothers made their first trip to Southeast Asia for the show in Singapore.

James Phelps on the streets of Chinatown in Singapore.

Image via @jamesphelps_pictures (Instagram)

However, Oliver and James were not the only Weasleys who popped into Singapore — as Mark Williams, who played the duo's father in the Harry Potter franchise, also joined them for their adventures

In the caption of a post shared by Oliver on his Instagram page, the actor spoke about filming an episode with his "papa".

"Fantastic Friends Season 2 Singapore with Papa — I mean, Mark Williams! We had so much fun in this brilliant destination. The food, the culture, the laughs — all brilliant," wrote Oliver.

The twins and Williams by Marina Bay.

Image via @jamesphelps_pictures (Instagram)

Nevertheless, this isn't the first time the pair have filmed with a member from the Harry Potter series — nor will it be the last

In the first season of the show, the twins shot with Bonnie Wright in Iceland, who played their on-screen sister Ginny Weasley, Evanna Lynch in Ireland, who played Luna Lovegood, and Luke Youngblood in Dubai, who played the role of Lee Jordan.

According to a report by Deadline, fellow Harry Potter co-stars Matt Lewis, who played the role of Neville Longbottom, Stanislav Ianevski, who played Viktor Krum, and Natalia Tena, who played Nymphadora Tonks, are set to appear in the second season as well, though their locations have yet to be revealed.

The twins with Wright while filming Season 1 of 'Fantastic Friends' in Iceland.

Image via Fantastic Friends/IMDb

Giving sneak peeks to their escapades in Singapore, Oliver shared photos of them doing everything from 'pulling' teh tarik to posing at Marina Bay, and even participating in a lion dance

Check out Oliver's full series of photos posted on his Instagram page below:

With the Weasleys so close to us, let's hope they make a stop over in Malaysia when filming their series, too!

We may not be able to go to Hogwarts, but we can visit this Harry Potter-themed café in Ipoh:

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