Watching Postmodern Jukebox In KL Was Amazing! We Still Remember These 10 Epic Moments...

We traveled back in time to 1920, even if for a night =)

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After a year of waiting for their return to KL, fans of
Postmodern Jukebox were treated to 2 hours of non-stop celebration of vintage music last Saturday!

The superband brought their best game for the dapperly-dressed crowd at KL LIVE, which was the last stop on their tour.

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All through the night, PMJ fans swayed, swung, and sashayed to one mind-blowing tune after another and for a second, it felt like we were all transported back to the golden age of music!

For some die-hard fans, the PMJ celebrations started waaay earlier in the afternoon at their Berjaya Times Square appearance

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But for most of us, the evening show was mind-blowing enough! Just check out these fan favourite highlights and you'll see why everyone says they're amazing to watch live...

1. When the crowd went wild for American Idol alumni Casey Abrams' entertaining version of 'All About That Bass'... especially for that bit at the end!

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Oh yes, these boys aren't shy to show off that booty booty!

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2. When chanteuse Cristina Gatti slipped into that seductive 'Womanizer' number and we kinda forgot to breathe

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But with a rare old-school voice like that, could you blame us?

3. When all anyone could think during LaVance Colley's 'Halo' was "How does he sing like that?!"

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Mad skills, seriously!

4. When everyone was sure that Robyn Adele Anderson's performance is the only version of 'Wiggle' this world needs

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5. When nobody could believe yet another American Idol alumni Melinda Doolittle was gracing the stage for a foot-stomping rendition of 'Roar'...

6. ... and when she joined the rest of the singing queens to deliver one of the most unforgettable performances of the night. 'Bye Bye Bye' has never sounded so gooood!

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7. Some PMJ fans sheepishly admitted their highlight of the night was when the man-bunned saxophonist ripped off his hair tie and launched into the smoothest 'Careless Whisper' imaginable

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8. While some just couldn't forget when the Grammy-winning Alex MacDonald tap-danced to the 'Sweet Child of Mine' solo

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9. The crowd had to face the facts that the beautiful night was coming to an end when they launched into Justin Bieber's 'Sorry'

10. But after the compulsory screams of "Encore!", they returned to the stage and wrapped up the night with one of the first songs that started the worldwide PMJ obsession: 'We Can't Stop'!

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And THAT is how you put on a good show!

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At the end of the night, it was all about a bunch of ultra-talented performers sharing their pure unadulterated love for music, and that's just the kind of show we need more of!

PS. They've promised to come back to KL but if you can't wait, catch up on their latest covers here.

Were you there too? What was your favourite moment of the show?

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