Everyone Is Crying While Celebrating The Movie ‘Wonder’. Here's Why

Let's learn to look beyond disability <3

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'Wonder' will leave you feeling all choked up in the best way possible

Based on the New York Times bestseller of the same name, 'Wonder' tells the heartwarming story of August Pullman. Born with a facial deformity, Auggie has been through 27 surgeries to help him see, hear, and look better.

Get your tissues ready and check out the trailer below:

'Wonder' surprised the US box office with a huge opening of $27 million earlier this month. Critics and audiences both agree that this is a winner, and we think so too!

Your heart will break a thousand times for Auggie, the super smart 10-year-old boy who loves 'Star Wars' and 'Minecraft'

Auggie is just like any other kid. He loves playing games on his Xbox, having lightsaber fights with his dad, and annoying his big sister. Auggie dreams of going to outer space and wears an astronaut helmet.

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But beneath his helmet, Auggie's face is scarred. His eyes are tear-shaped and his earlobes are little bulbs of flesh. He already knows he looks different and everyone else is sure to remind him.

By the end of his first day of school, the kids have already nicknamed him 'Barf Hideous' and you will feel awful.

You'll be wishing that other people saw Auggie for who he is and not what he looks like

Played by a talented young actor, Jacob Trembley, the character of Auggie will steal your heart away.

What the film is able to do so well is to portray the subtleties of bullying and its devastating effect on everyone involved. 

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While there are the outright bullies who tease incessantly, it's the others who stand by and ignore that seem even crueler. The kids who keep their distance and are afraid of Auggie, who look away in embarrassment, and simply don't know how to approach him.

Their reactions so easily mirror those of adults, that you can't help but see yourself in these characters and their reactions to something so different from the norm. 

The young actors are amazing while Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson give powerful performances that will move you

Playing Auggie's parents Isabel and Nate, Roberts and Wilson make a fantastic on-screen team. Showcasing the complexities of marriage and raising a special child, their arguments feel as real as the love for Auggie.

Isabel is brilliant, fierce, and loving. Every time Auggie is hurt, she gets hurt. And every time she wells up, you will too. Meanwhile, Nate offers comic relief in the hardest of times and will have you laughing through the tears.

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'Wonder' is an honest, feel-good movie that perfectly balances the complex themes of bullying, peer pressure, family, and disability

When Auggie asks his mum if the way he looks will always matter even when he's older, you can't help but feel sad. 

The story-telling is seamless, the characters are compelling, and the film truly is a wonder.

Be sure to watch 'Wonder' in cinemas on 7 December

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