[QUIZ] Only A True Marvel Cinematic Universe Fan Will Be Able To Score 9/12

Only the worthy will ace this!

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So you're a proud member of the Marvel fandom and you've seen every single movie in the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Actually, you've probably seen them so many times that you've got every tiny little detail down pat and can quote entire scenes from memory. And like any true fan, you've probably also got your own little collection of MCU merch.

Wanna collect more? Tesco is running a Marvel Avengers collectible campaign! Find out how you can get your hands on some cool merch at the end of the story.

But first, it's time to put your fan status on the line and test just how good your MCU knowledge is. Can you get at least 9/12 in this quiz? Take it now and find out!

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Prove your status as a true Marvel fan by expanding your merch collection with some limited edition items!

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From 23 August to 14 November 2018, Tesco Malaysia will be running a Marvel Avengers collectible campaign, in which they will be offering up a set of 11 exclusive Super Hero stampers featuring your favourite Marvel Avengers characters!

Each stamper has a double-sided bilingual face that can be flipped so you'll be getting two cool designs and messages in one stamp. Check out the full list of the collectibles and their accompanying messages below.

1. Iron Man - Be Innovative / Berinovatif
2. Thanos - Be Ambitious / Berazam Tinggi
3. Black Widow - Be Determined / Bersemangat Waja
4. Thor - Be Worthy / Wajakan Diri
5. Captain America - Be Courageous / Beranikan Diri
6. Black Panther - Be Loyal / Kesetiaan
7. Hulk Buster - Be Bold / Cekalkan Hati
8. Spider-Man - Be Responsible / Bertanggungjawab
9. Dr. Strange - Be Wise / Perkasakan Minda
10. Groot - Be Kind / Muliakan Hati
11. Hulk - Be Strong / Kuatkan Diri

Click here to see them all.

Here's how you can get your hands on the entire collection:

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For every RM30 you spend at Tesco Malaysia, you'll earn a sticker. Collect a total of 12 stickers to be able to purchase a stamper at only RM9. Repeat the process until you've got all 11 stampers in your possession!

Want to fast track your way to collecting them all? Make sure to buy certain sponsored products to score some extra stickers, with no minimum spend required!

And just as the Infinity Gauntlet housed the Infinity Stones, you'll need the perfect vessel to store your collection of stampers in, which is why Tesco Malaysia also has a collectible kit set available for only RM25.

Head over to your nearest Tesco Malaysia store now to start collecting! Click here for more info.

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