YouTuber Of The Week: The Userguide Productions And How They Followed Their Dreams

Read the inspiring story of how Ben-Ji and Jonathan, or better known as The Userguide Productions, started their beautifully crafted short films.

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What do you get when you cross an accounting graduate with a sound engineer? You get The Userguide Productions. Founded in 2010, the two began shooting weddings and corporate films.

The Userguide Productions started shooting weddings and corporate films.

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Instead of pursuing a typical stable job, both Ben-Ji and Jonathan decided to follow their dreams, as they believe that "all it takes for something to begin is a little courage to step out in faith"

"all it takes for something to begin is a little courage to step out in faith"

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The Userguide was started by two individuals in the late 2010, believing that you don’t need everything to start something. Ultimately dreams are free but all it takes for something to begin is a little courage to step out in faith.


Despite starting four years ago, it was only in October 2013 when they started a YouTube channel to post their shorts

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Most of their shorts revolves on everyday experiences, just like this guy who has been looking for love when it was just right in front of him

Or how the beauty of love is not just physical attraction but also something lasting, a decision one purposefully makes

In their video "The Fighter", the life of one person who fought through cancer and how he inspired others despite his condition, turned into an award winning video for them

Their recent short "Someday Maybe", tells a story about two individuals who are at crossroads

In "Closer", which was just posted about a week ago, it highlights the importance of courage to overcome fear

To give back to the community, The Userguide aims to use YouTube as a platform to inspire "young film-makers to tell stories"

The Userguide aims to inspire "young film-makers to tell stories".

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Backed with passion to make an impact in the film community by producing good quality videos/works and also to help train and inspire young film-makers to tell stories.


Their efforts are slowly getting noticed, as they recently won the Gold Award in the Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival (KKIFF) 2014 for their short, "The Fighter"

Jon and Ben-Ji winning the Gold Award at KKIFF 2014.

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So if you're looking for a good local YouTuber that tells amazing stories, why not check their other videos and subscribe to them here?

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