Yuna Has Been Nominated For A People's Choice Award. Here's How You Can Help Her Win

You can vote up to 25 times per day!

Cover image via Instagram @yuna

Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna has never failed to make us proud, and now we finally have a way of showing our appreciation for her

The songstress is one of eight nominees for the 'Most Inspiring Asian Woman of 2019' award at the E! People's Choice Awards.

The 31-year-old artiste announced the nomination on her Instagram yesterday, 5 September, in a series of Instagram Stories

Image via Instagram @yuna

"Everybody, stop what you're doing. I just found out that I am nominated for E! People's Choice Awards for the 'Most Inspiring Asian Woman Of 2019'," she said.

"I don't even know how that happened but I guess it's happening."

In a later Instagram post, Yuna shed some light on how she felt that she did not deserve the success she had at the start of her career

Image via Instagram @yuna

"Wow when I first got into this I always felt small, felt like I didn't deserve, felt like a lil' bit of an outsider in every way.. [S]o to be recognised as an inspiring [A]sian woman means a lot to me," she wrote.

"I worked hard, and [have] gone through a lot of things, sometimes not so pleasant things I fought really hard to stay true to my roots and be proud of my SEA heritage.. [A]nd finally me realising my worth - as an Asian Muslim woman (musician!) in this world."

Malaysians, you can cast a vote for Yuna up to 25 times a day!

Just head over to the website here, and click on the 'Vote' button for Yuna.

Do note that you will need to login with an email or your Facebook account.

Image via Instagram @yuna

Here's a look back on all the ways Yuna has made Malaysians proud:

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