Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAYS

SAYS is a social news company, where you get highlights of today's hottest news, and Malaysia's must-share stories every day.

We're on a mission to create a next-generation news network with Malaysian social media users like you.

Can I trust your content?

Yes! SAYS is a place where you get to see different angles of a story, quoted from mainstream and alternative news sources. We spend a lot of our time fact-checking all our sources, stats and quotes, to the point of bringing our readers a weekly story called 'Fact or Fake' that debunks trending stuff shared on the Internet. If you see anything questionable on SAYS, email us and we'll definitely look into it.

I want to contribute!

You know how you sometimes get a stroke of genius and think "Man, that would totally be viral"? We love that energy! Email [email protected], Facebook us, or Tweet us if you've got a brilliant story idea or if you've seen a blogpost, video, image that you know Malaysians would love to share. We'll mention you in the story and our Facebook shoutout if you're okay with that! Also, if you're a writer or an aspiring one, send us your story, or that crazy cool listicle you've been working religiously on every day.

Where can I report a bug to?

If the site is loading too slowly for you, or if you are experiencing techincal problems when reading or creating stories, shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] - we have some awesome pest controllers who will help exterminate them for you.

The Fair-Fair Photo Policy

The Internet is our ocean and social media networks, our playground. It’s where we spot and select the most shareable quotes, photos, excerpts, videos, memes, blogposts, etc. to be shared by our readers. It’s the DNA of curating and creating stories at SAYS. If you see something you own on SAYS but would rather have us remove it, write to us at [email protected] with the link to the story and we'll take it down. If something has been credited wrongly or used unfavourably, write to us too and lead us to the right path.