11 Things We Think Will Happen If 'Interstellar' Were Buatan Malaysia

Have you watched Interstellar yet? What would happen if it happened in Malaysia instead?

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WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!

Interstellar has been the buzzword amongst Malaysians, with many raving about how brilliant Christopher Nolan is

So we wondered, what if Interstellar took place in Malaysia? What if Malaysians had to save the day?

1. Our hero will be a local "petani" who specialises in planting "sawah padi". He's also an engineer. We will call him Kumar instead of Cooper.

2. The future of mankind is at stake because the haze is destroying food. Housewives would be complaining that it makes their houses super dirty.

3. In the movie, the explorers stumbled upon a planet filled with nothing but water. The Angkasawan would be calculating how long before we use up all the water and face water rationing again.

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4. Everything about the spaceship will be "Buatan Malaysia". Expect 1 Malaysia stickers to be plastered on everything.

5. The robots will be programmed to understand Manglish. "To lah or not to lah, that is the question."

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6. We would only have enough fuel to explore only two planets instead of three because of the petrol price hike

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7. In the movie, the dust and wind are one of the causes for fires. It's already happening in Malaysia anyway, that's why we have the haze. It's okay, if we ever run out of rice, we still have "keropok" to rely on.

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8. Besides a geographer, a scientist, a pilot and a physicist, Team Malaysia will also include an expert in food. The role? To cook up the best Malaysian food and drinks for Kumar and Doktor Jenama (Dr. Brand)

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9. Our Internet connection MIGHT be bad. Expect plenty of delays and lag when we transmit data back to NASA. Mankind's future depends on good Internet connection!

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10. In the movie, Cooper and Dr Brand were delayed by unforeseen circumstances. If it happened in Malaysia, Kumar and Doktor Jenama will blame it on the traffic for being late. They will leave messages saying "on the way" as well.

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11. When Murph sees books flying out of the bookshelf she investigates it and thinks it's a friendly ghost. In Malaysia, a "bomoh" will be called to exterminate the "hantu". The family will then move out after. End of story.

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If you haven't seen the movie and yet scrolled down to the end of this post, what are you waiting for? Go watch it now!

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