13 Things That Might Happen On The First Week Of Hooters' Malaysian Launch

Note: you may or may not give two hoots about this, but let's kick back with some humour!

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1. One word: PROTESTS. You can be sure that there's going to be at least two.

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2. Your FB will be flooded with pictures of friends at Hooters. We're sensing #prayforhooters following the protests.

3. You suddenly find it impossible to make dinner plans with your guy friends cause they're all 'booked up'

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4. A record-breaking queue in front and around the restaurant (longer than a queue for yellow minions)

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5. Auto show organisers won't be able to find showgirls cause they now have a new job

6. There will be a sudden increase of sales in pushup bras

7. Hooters might announce unique Malaysian uniforms for their girls (sorry, no hot pants)

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8. Parents will have a hard time explaining to their kids why they can't eat at the restaurant with the cute owl

9. The creation of 'Guys Night Out' WhatsApp groups. And it's not to arrange for a poker nor football night.

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10. Female spies inside the restaurant...

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11. A lot of awkwardness in the restaurant with diners trying to act normal and not knowing quite sure what to do

12. Suddenly everyone is a food blogger, requesting for an exclusive invite

13. That one fella who asks, "How much?"

Don't get too excited now! Are you keeping your fingers crossed that Hooters' plan to expand to Malaysia works out?

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