Durian Seller Brings Extra Heat This Durian Season With Shirtless Picture

"See durians, eat abs."

Cover image via MuscleDurian (Facebook)

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A 19-year-old durian seller recently went viral for posing with two durians while shirtless in a picture

The young durian trader named Ashton took the photo to promote his newly opened stall in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur on a Chinese social media app, Xiao Hong Shu.

In the caption he wrote, "Since Jordan Yeoh is no longer selling durians, it's my turn now."

For context, Jordan Yeoh is a celebrity fitness instructor who went viral in 2015 for joining his aunt and uncle in selling durians without wearing a shirt.  

When asked how he keeps fit, Ashton jokingly said, "By eating more durians."

"I still go to the gym at night. Even though time is short now, I still try my best to hit the gym," he said when contacted by SAYS.

Ashton said that the durian business was a way for him to earn extra money for college as he plans to major in software engineering

Furthermore, he did not expect his post to go viral as he was just promoting his new business. However, he is very grateful to those who have given their support.

"The durian business is not bad. Someone came to my stall to buy durians after seeing the post on social media. I was very touched," he said.

He hopes that his business will continue to grow and become more successful.

The post left netizens drooling over his abs rather than the durians

"How many durians must I buy before I can touch (the abs)," one commented.

Image via Xiao Hong Shu

Another added, "See durians, eat abs."

Image via

One netizen humorously said, "Quickly take the handsome guy home (so that) the durians will be left for me."

Image via

MuscleDurian sells a variety of durians such as D24, Musang King, and 101

According to their Facebook page, they are open from 1pm to 7pm, seven days a week.

For those who would like to see more of this shuai ge (handsome guy), you can check him out on Instagram at @ashtxnk.

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