Durian Husks Are Being Sold Online To Punish Your Husbands & Cost Only RM0.18

"Best gift from wife to husband," says the product description.

Cover image via swshop88/Shopee

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As Malaysians, we love our durians. Growing up, our elders would tell us that other than the delicious fruit, its husk is also useful.

We are always told that eating too much durian can make us "heaty". So, to neutralise the heatiness, we would drink water from the durian husk.

Durians are also known for their strong smell that would stay on your fingers, and a burp would probably "knock out" everyone within the area.

To rid the smell from your fingers, scrub them on the husk when you wash your hands.

Eliminate bad breath by pouring saltwater onto the husk, use a fork and scrape the interior, and rinse and gargle your mouth.

Image via swshop88/Shopee

However, there's a seller on Shopee that has come up with other "useful" ways to use durian husks, including as punishment for one's spouse

The product name on the platform says, "Fresh Durian Shells. Can use as a cup or for husbands to kneel on. Best gifts from wife to husband. Those not sure how many to buy, see the product description."

The husks are being sold for RM0.18 per piece.

Image via swshop88/Shopee

The product description serves as a guide for buyers to decide how many shells they should purchase, depending on the reason:
— 1 piece: Kneeling on one knee (insincere marriage proposal)
— 2 pieces: Husband came home late
— 3 pieces: Extra hidden money that the wife didn't know about
— 4 pieces: Hid money and pretended to not know
— 5 pieces: Went out and messed around (for more than five pieces, it is recommended to lie on your face directly)
— 6 pieces: Caught in bed with another person
— 7 pieces: Went out without wearing a mask
— 8 pieces: Did not follow the SOP

The product description also includes a link to buy fresh durians from the seller, which might be more worthwhile to buy.

Just buy the fresh durians, eat them, and use the husks as a form of unorthodox way of punishment on your spouse.

Image via swshop88/Shopee

To date, 14 June, five customers have bought the shells from the seller, with one of them leaving a five star review

"Boss heng heng, the Musang King durian shell doesn't hurt when I kneel, I will use it when I have a girlfriend, thank you boss," wrote the buyer.

 "Wish that you will get a girlfriend and wife early for richness and prosperity!!!" the seller responds.

Image via Shopee

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