Did You Know There's A LEGO Brick Separator For The Pieces That Always Get Stuck?

Whatttt :O

Cover image via @samsuksiri (TikTok)

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If you grew up playing with LEGO, you probably know the pain of having to pry apart stubborn pieces whenever they get stuck

All those teeth and nail marks left behind as we tried to separate them. D:

Well, there might be a solution that could have helped us all avoid that as kids

TikTok user @samsuksiri, who is a master model builder at LEGOLAND Discovery Center, recently shared a tool that apparently comes with some LEGO sets.

Perhaps you've seen it before and thought it was a ski, a ramp, or a snowboard by mistake.

Image via LEGO

It's actually called a Brick Separator and it helps to take apart stubborn pieces that are stuck together.

The handy tool can be used on pieces stuck beneath another brick, on round pieces, as well as on plates that are in the middle of a piece

In his tutorial, he explains that each part of the Brick Separator has a different function. For example, the chisel side can be used to pry apart flat tiles.

And that same side can be used on corners. However, he explains that this could affect the Brick Separator over time. 

So where were these Brick Separators when we needed them as kids? Well, they did exist.

The older Brick Separator model.

Image via Wikimedia

According to The Brick Blogger, LEGO introduced the Brick Separator in 1990 and it was produced until 2011 before a newer version with a slimmer handle took its place.

The updated model is now available in other colours and comes with almost all medium to large LEGO sets.

We did a quick check and found that you can get the Brick Separator on its own on Shopee and Lazada

Each piece costs around RM4 to RM5.

Image via Shopee

Watch his full TikTok below to see how else it can be used:


Reply to @nitro_wolfe_ They do exist! What's your favorite method for separating #LEGO ? #afol #legos #bricktok #legotiktoker #legotiktok #legomoc #legotips #legoland

original sound - SamBuilds

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