These Old School LEGO Miniature Ais Kacang Machine And Iced Gems Are Too Cute To Handle

Two childhood favourites in one.

Cover image via My Little Brick Shop

There are two kinds of people in this world.

The ones who only eat the icing on iced gems and the ones who love the biscuit.

Whichever kind of person you are, one thing is for certain - iced gems completed every Malaysian kid's childhood.

But what happens when you combine two very popular childhood joys – iced gems and LEGO?

The result... these SUPER adorable miniature biscuits!

Complete with the old school tin label and everything.

Singapore-based company My Little Brick Shop makes all kinds of LEGO set installations.

After fans told them that their life-size versions were too pricey, the company decided to shrink them into cute miniature versions that have been selling out fast!

They shrunk this vintage LEGO ais kacang machine...

Life-size ais kacang machine.

Image via My Little Brick Shop

... into this adorable teeny version

Miniature ais kacang machine.

Image via My Little Brick Shop

And the shop told SAYS that it will be releasing a miniature series next week, which will include LEGO tingkat (tiffin carrier), an old lunar calendar, and a retro metal blade fan!

Oh mai.

Here are some of their other LEGO designs:

LEGO ais kacang and drinks like cincau and soya bean.

Image via My Little Brick Shop/Facebook

LEGO pau and dim sum.

Image via My Little Brick Shop/Facebook

A breakfast set with eggs and toast.

Image via My Little Brick Shop

You can find out more about My Little Brick Shop on Facebook and Instagram.

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