33-Year-Old Man In China Spends Over RM215,000 To Build Luxury Playground For His Pet Dogs

He built a two-storey dog house with a TV, air-conditioning, spiral slide, elevator, and swimming pool all for them!

Cover image via 小帅家的大狼狗们 (YouTube) & 小帅家的大狼狗们 (Bilibili)

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A man in China has spent over RMB328,000 (RM215,000) on home improvements and a 5,000sqft plot of land to give his dogs the best life possible

With over 9.5 million followers on Douyin as '小帅家的大狼狗们' (loosely translated to Xiao Shuai's Family of Big Wolf Dogs), a 33-year-old man named Zhou keeps his followers engaged by sharing about his nine dogs and the luxury renovations he custom makes for them.

Through his videos, viewers can see that he has built and installed every facility he could imagine for his dogs in his backyard, including a two-storey dog house, TV, cushions, air-conditioning, elevator, spiral slide, swimming pool, swings, and a zen garden.

Zhou has two Huskies, four Corgis, two Bulldogs, a Shiba Inu, and a Dalmation

According to South China Morning Post, he lives in Xuyi county in Jiangsu province and runs a business in the crayfish industry.

He has denied Internet speculation that he is the son of a tycoon and inherited his wealth.

Instead, he said he spends so much on the elaborate renovations simply because he loves his dogs, and that giving his pets a luxury home has always been his childhood dream.

"I don't buy expensive bags or clothes. I just spend my money on my dogs," Zhou said, having spent RMB228,000 (RM150,000) in his backyard over the course of the last two years.

More recently, he spent another RMB100,000 (RM65,000) acquiring a piece of land away from his home so that his dogs may run around freely

Again, the puppy paradise has a two-storey dog house, a swimming pool, and a small 'amusement park' with a roller-coaster and Ferris wheel built for his dogs.

He has also recently bought a new multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) so that he can drive his dogs frequently there, to the awe and admiration of his fans and followers.

"I find my life not as comfortable as that of his dogs," commented a social media user.

Another joked, "You're still lacking a dog driver, so I'm here to apply for the job."

Check out Zhou's fancy dog crib and playground here:

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