[VIDEO] This Husky In China Knows How To 'Cook' Rice For Its Owners When They're Away

Besides 'cooking rice', Lucky also knows how to do a few other simple tasks.

Cover image via @二哈(lucky)巴比 (Douyin)

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A six-year-old Husky named Lucky from China has gone viral for cooking rice for his owner while he was away

According to South China Morning Post, Lucky's owner, Zhou, had washed the rice and left it in the rice cooker before he left the house to buy groceries.

He was running late, so he decided to ask for help from the trusty Lucky to cook the rice.

The video starts with Lucky lying down on his belly but he shoots straight up after hearing the voice of his owner.

"Lucky, it will take me a long time to queue for the COVID-19 test. Can you press the power switch for the electric cooker on?" Zhou was heard asking through his home surveillance system in the video.

The husky has never operated the rice cooker before so he can be seen struggling to press the button at first

Despite the challenge, Zhou said that Lucky is very intelligent and a fast learner.

"The electric cooker, not the power strip. The nearby one," Zhou repeated to guide the pup.

Lucky eventually presses the right button and the rice starts cooking.

"How fabulous! I will prepare delicious food for you when I return home," he told Lucky as a reward.

Zhou explained that even though the video was just a minute long, this was no small feat

"I had to spend plenty of time training the dog before he could reach this result."

Besides 'cooking rice', Lucky also knows how to do a few other simple tasks, from turning on light switches and taps to flushing the toilet.

Zhou also claims that Lucky has even learned how to fasten a seat belt in the car in a matter of minutes.

Watch how smart Lucky is:

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