Video Shows Dogs Unable To Contain Excitement At Meeting Their Owner After 486 Days

The man — who had been stuck in Singapore for almost 16 months due to the pandemic lockdown measures — was equally overwhelmed after meeting his babies, named Simba and Nala.

Cover image via @paandichelsea (TikTok)

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Across social media, a man's video has gone viral

The mobile footage, which is just under two-minute in length, was shot from inside the compound of a landed house. It shows a boy and a golden retriever, who is excitedly wagging his tail, at the gate.

The reason for the dog's excitement is on the other side of the gate, where a man is seen standing and opening the gate. The video then pans to show another dog inside a cage, waiting to be let out.

Meanwhile, the video pans back to the gate, where the golden retriever — barking and wagging his tail in joy, jumps to hug the man as soon as he opens the gate to enter the compound.

It's a moment they both had been waiting for almost 16 months.

The man had been stuck in Singapore for 486 days due to the pandemic lockdown measures, which were finally lifted on 1 April. The man, too, is overwhelmed after meeting both his dogs.

He hugs back the golden retriever, starts caressing him, and then picks him up in his arms.

The man, with the golden retriever in his arms, walks toward the cage to let the other dog out. The video then cuts to show both the dogs unable to contain their joy as they wag their tails and jump around him.

He then embraces both the dogs, whom he has named, Simba and Nala.

The absolutely heartwarming video ends with the man laying on the floor and the dogs rolling all over him as they shower him with kisses and hugs. In the background, an emotional song plays.

At the time of writing this story, the video, originally posted on the man's TikTok, has amassed a million views in a day. Elsewhere, social media pages have reposted the video on Facebook and Twitter.

Under the original video, people have flooded the comment section with emotional messages.

"I'm a Muslim, but I love this video. Dogs' love is true," read one of the most liked comments, while another noted how the dogs were able to recognise their owner despite him wearing a face mask.

The owner consented to SAYS using his video for this story.

It was a similar scene when the land border between Malaysia and Singapore reopened for the first time in two years two midnights ago:

It's been a difficult two years with a lot of families on either side of the Malaysia-Singapore border facing separation due to COVID-19:

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