Mum Bursts Into Tears After Not Recognising Daughter Who Hasn't Been Home For 2 Years

"I really didn't think that my mom wouldn't recognise me."

Cover image via Xiao Xiao Hui (Facebook)

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The opening of the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) between Malaysia and Singapore allowed many families to reunite after two years of the pandemic

One such individual is Facebook user Xiao Hui, who shared a video of her visit back home to Ipoh, Perak for the first time after working in Singapore for two years.

According to China Press, she had already told her parents that she was not coming back for Chinese New Year this year as she did not manage to secure a ticket.

However, she later managed to buy one and devised a plan with her younger brother to surprise their parents with her return.

Travelling all the way from Singapore to Johor Bahru and then to Ipoh on the fifth day of Chinese New Year, Xiao Hui told her brother, Yi Shun, to introduce her as his girlfriend to their parents when they arrived home

Wearing a cap and a face mask, Xiao Hui also put on an act when she met her mother in the kitchen.

"Aunty, don't you recognise me?" she asked her mother teasingly.

"Who are you?! Yi Shun told me today he has a girlfriend, but I don't know..." the mother replied, confused.

She kept asking questions which Xiao Hui tried to dodge. Her brother also laughed when their mother asked very politely, "Are you from Kedah?"

However, as soon as Xiao Hui's father walked into the living room, he recognised his daughter instantly

Saying nothing and bursting into laughter, he gave Xiao Hui a big hug as his confused wife continued to ask, "Gong, who is this Ah Shun's girlfriend?"

Finally giving up the act, Xiao Hui walked towards her mother and allowed her to remove her cap for a proper look

The mother then burst into tears and gave her a gigantic hug.

The video has since garnered over one million views and 51,000 reactions

The reunion touched the hearts of many, with thousands of netizens commenting that they could not help but cry while watching.

Speaking to SAYS, Xiao Hui said she was also surprised that her mother did not recognise her.

"I lost about 13kg to stay healthy during the pandemic, but I never thought my mum wouldn't recognise me as we did video call often during the last two years," she explained.

Nonetheless, she said everyone was excited that she was home, and although her heart hurt to see her parents cry during the surprise, she knew they were happy tears.

Watch the heartwarming reunion here:

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