Emotions Run High As M'sian Siblings Dress Up As Waiters To Surprise Parents After 2 Years

The three siblings, who work in Singapore and had not been able to return home due to lockdown measures, cooked up an elaborate heartwarming reunion to surprise their parents after telling them that they would not be able to return until CNY.

Cover image via Choong Kai Yee (Facebook)

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On Facebook, a slightly above four-minute long video has gone viral

The video, uploaded on 7 December, shows three Malaysian siblings, who work in Singapore, planning an elaborate heartwarming reunion to surprise their parents after nearly two years of separation.

The siblings, 33-year-old Choong Kai Yee, 24-year-old Kai Le, and their brother Alex, decided to make use of the newly-established Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) between Singapore and Malaysia.

Kai Yee told WeirdKaya that she is married to a Singaporean and has a PR after working there for 12 years, while her younger sister and brother have worked there for five and eight years, respectively.

In the Facebook post, Kai Yee shared that she and her siblings were ecstatic upon the establishment of the VTL on 29 November and started planning a trip back home but wanted to surprise their parents.

"We've been thinking about going home for a long time," said a homesick Kai Yee.

They, however, told their parents that they would not be able to return until CNY.

According to Kai Yee, her elder sister, who stays in Malaysia with their parents, had suggested that she bring the whole family to eat at Holiday Inn Johor Bahru City Centre once the three siblings were finally home

This, in turn, prompted Kai Yee to come up with the plan to surprise their parents by pretending to be waiters. They approached the hotel management to ask if that's something they would be onboard with.

The management was more than happy and even offered to provide them with uniforms of hotel staff to disguise themselves. On the afternoon of 6 December, the trio arrived in Malaysia and headed to the hotel.

Once there, they got dressed as 'waiters' and used face masks to cover their facial features.

(Left to right) Kai Yee, Kai Le, and Alex dressed waiters.

Image via Choong Kai Yee (Facebook)

When their parents arrived, the siblings executed their plan

Alex, dressed as a chef, entered first and pretended to help their father with some of the dishes.

To throw off their father, Alex purposefully only spoke English but even then the father could sense that the 'chef' looked very much like his son, remarking, "Looks like Ah Boy (Alex) ah, this one".

When Kai Le entered, the father, after hearing her speak, commented that she sounds like his daughter. "She looks just like Le Le [Kai Le]!" he explained to his wife, who had not realised they were her children.

It was at this point that the trio decided to reveal themselves with Alex first taking off his mask.

The father, in shock, runs towards Alex and starts jumping with joy

Kai Yee also revealed herself and the siblings burst into laughter.

Emotions run high during the heartwarming reunion as they start to tear up while hugging each other.

In her post, Kai Yee mentioned that they are five siblings and their parents have never been partial. "They love us all equally," she wrote.

The reunion has touched the hearts of many.

At the time of writing, Kai Yee's post had been shared over 10,000 times and had thousands of comments.

Watch the heartwarming reunion here:

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