6 Lies Malaysian Kids Used To Tell Their Parents

Don't lie, you've definitely used one of these excuses. ;)

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As kids, we've all tried to hide things from our parents in order to not get the rotan

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Due to the Asian parenting style we grew up with, it's no wonder that most of us have either lied, or tried to hide things from our parents! This doesn't mean we don't love them though, we just don't want to get a scolding (or beating) from them. 

We compiled six common lies we've all used to tell our parents, and hopefully, you're not using these excuses anymore. :P

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1. Tell them you've finished your homework or revision already, just to get to watch television or play video games

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"I finished my work already la so I can play games."

The next morning, you'll be the one seen trying to copy someone else's homework before classes start. 

2. Either lie about your results, or try to convince your parents that it's normal to get your (bad) results

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Telling your parents you got A- for that class test, but you only got a B- in reality. 

If not, you tell your parents "everyone also got very low marks leh, that test was super hard la so it's normal."

3. Spent RM10 for lunch but tell your parents it was only RM5 (or the other way around, so you can claim money from them)

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It's either you don't want to get scolded for spending too much money, or you want to get more pocket money from your parents by telling them that the lunch aunty charged you too much.

4. Tell your parents that you need to sleepover at your friend's house to do group project together, but go out clubbing instead

A classic case of what your parents think you're doing vs. what you're actually doing, so you won't have to violate that 12am curfew your parents set for you.

5. Even if you're allowed to go out at night, you tell your parents that you're on the way back, but you're still sitting at the mamak with your friends

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Saying "I'm coming back dy, on the way!" while sipping on your teh o limau ais.

6. Going on dates with your BF/GF, but tell your parents you're going to hang out with that one best friend whose name your parents know

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This is the most classic one, of course. All of us have feared bumping into family members or relative at the mall while going on secret dates.

How many of these lies have you told your parents? Let us know in the comments below.

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