7 Epic Moments When Ex-Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson Was Given Malaysian Cars

Jeremy Clarkson was recently fired from Top Gear for assaulting a colleague. To remember him, we take a look at the many moments he reviewed Malaysian cars. Who could ever forget moments like these...

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1. When Jeremy put the Perodua Kenari to a cornering ability test and it nearly flipped

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2. When he bought a brand new Perodua Kelisa, only to trash it with a sledgehammer minutes later

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3. Not contented, he hung the car on a crane with a one tonne weight, ripping the car apart due to the strain

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4. Before deciding to blow it up with a dynamite. Poor Kelisa...

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Watch the entire video here!

5. When Jeremy hosted a race between the presenters of Top Gear UK and Top Gear Australia using a Proton Satria Neo S2000

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6. When he couldn't stand the sight of the Proton Savvy. "Get it off the screen, I don't want to see it anymore".

7. When Jeremy pronounced the Perodua MyVi as "mee-vee"

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Well, we think this Malaysian girl should be on Top Gear. Don't you think so?

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