Watch This Girl Prank Unsuspecting Driving Instructors With Her Crazy Drifting Skills

Who ever said Malaysians are bad at driving?

  • A driving school in Malaysia welcomed their new driving instructors by pranking them on their first day of work

  • They got Malaysian YouTube channel MaxMan.TV and Leona Chin, a professional motorsport athlete to help out with this prank

  • Leona, who just happens to be a professional racer, was disguised as a first-time driver trying to get her P license

  • She initially "struggled" handling the manual car, earning the ire of the instructors

  • One even suggested that she come back another time as she lacked practice

  • But she pleaded for one more chance, before revving away at full speed, terrifying the poor instructors

  • She then showed them the stuff that makes her a racing champion, making donuts, drifts, as she filled the air with the beautiful smell of burnt rubber

  • We really kesian this little lady instructor! (Look at the joy on Leona's face)

  • This is the type of fast and furious driving instructors never want to see in their students! Watch the full video here:

  • Well, if the instructors read this article, we're pretty sure they'd be able to spot her out straight away!

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