25 Ways To Spot A Malaysian Driver Anywhere In The World

Malaysian drivers are a unique breed behind the wheel. Here are some tell-tale signs the guy next to you on the road might've spent a good chunk of his life driving in Malaysia.

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1. We don't really know what to do at a zebra crossing

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If there are people waiting next to a zebra crossing, doest that mean they're waiting for us to drive through or do we have to stop and give way?

2. Amber means "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?"

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3. We honk at pedestrians so you know, they can get out of the way

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4. We can multi-task in the car

5. We're totally capable of buckling up while driving

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6. We drop our phones onto our laps when we spot a police vehicle in the rearview mirror

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7. We prefer not to use our signal light when cutting into your lane because people back home tend to lunge forward if you indicate

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8. We don't believe in speed limits. I mean, really. Who drives at 40km/h?

It's not like there aren't any speed limits back home, it's just that we like 'bending' the rules. The Road Transport Act of Malaysia states that a driver who exceeds a speed limit "shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding one thousand ringgit" but most Malaysian drivers take advantage of the lack of reenforcement on speed limits at no-camera zones.

9. BUT we do this thing where we slow down under a bridge or next to some bushes because you never know where a cop may be hiding...

Traffic police in action

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10. ... And if there is a cop, count on us to flash our headlights like a stroboscope to alert everyone else

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12. We hang plastic bags of stuff behind our seats

Whoever invented these plastic hangers needs to win an award.

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13. And over our door locks too

Surely we're not the only ones who do this!

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14. We shield our car from the sun with the hottest products in the market

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15. Our windows are covered up...

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16. ...And our arms are not forgotten.

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17. We are attracted to yellow boxes

The yellow box is not a parking lot!

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18. We use the emergency lane :(

In 2014, JPJ urged Malaysian social media users to submit clear photos and details of drivers who use the emergency lane for the purpose of publicly shaming them on Facebook

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In our recent interview with the Malaysian Fire Department, Malaysian drivers were urged to stay clear of the emergency lanes as they obstruct the way of rescuers en route to an accident. A RM300 fine is a small fee to pay for the unethical use of the emergency lane.

19. We never really know if our rear passengers need to buckle up

And does this apply to our pets too?

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Malaysians never really know if the seat belt ruling still applies because people seem to get away with it. If you're wondering, since 1 January 2009, the use of seatbelt by rear passengers had been made compulsory by the Motor Vehicles Rules (Seatbelt) (2008 Amendment) in Malaysia. According to The Road Transport Department, JPJ, the passenger is at fault if they do not buckle up:

Malaysian rear passengers and seat belts

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20. We must U-turn at all cost

If there isn't a U-turn sign, it means we can make a U-turn, right?

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If there isn't a U-turn sign, it means we can U-turn right? Wrong...

21. Sometimes our car can be our second home

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22. We have a habit of stopping past the line at a junction

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23. We make our own parking rules, space, exception, you name it

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24. We've tried at least three steering locks in our lifetime

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25. We're thoughtful

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