8 Ways To Add Even More ONG To Your Chinese New Year

Huat ahhhhhh!!!

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1. Shout "HUAT AHHHHHHHHH!!!!" at the end of every good conversation

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Petrol price reduced by 21sen? Huat ah!
Boss gave you a thumbs up? HUAT AH!!
That chicken chop you had was delicious? HUUAATTTT AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!1!!1!!!!

2. Carry a pineapple with you wherever you go

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Pineapple is called Ong Lai in Cantonese. Ong Lai literally translates to "Good luck and fortune come". So if you hold a pineapple with you wherever you go, you are carrying good luck and fortune everywhere with you.

Just make sure no one eats your good luck and fortune.

3. Buy 8 of everything. Better yet, buy 88 sets of everything.

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Why Fatt when you can have double Fatt!? HUAT AHH!

3A. Eat food that will give you prosperity, like the Profit Spinning Homemade Fish Ball

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Or you can have the Brilliant Broccoli Balls, if you are into that stuff.

5. Everytime you see the number four, say "choy!!!"

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6. Fight to the death for the salmon during the yee sang war

It's important to eat fish during Chinese New Year, because fish is yu. And yu also means extra or excess, and that's what you want - extra salmon, extra money, extra ong, extra huat.

7. Paste all the couplets upside down

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This is to make sure that the prosperity, happiness, fortune, and all that good lucky stuff arrive at your house. We paste it upside down because the Chinese word for upside down is "dao", which sounds similar to the word for "arrive" in Chinese.

8. Wear red from head to toe

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For extra good luck, wear red undies too.


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P.S. Don't forget to open your house to your best friend Choy San Yeh

All jokes aside, remember that Chinese New Year is not just about money!

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